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Best Loved Manga-Candy Candy

Anyone remembers Candy, Candy of the 70's and 80's? Anyone has a copy of its TV series or the comics,please let me know.


  • lycheelychee PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    i have the tv series up to episode 29, downloaded from animesuki.com. kakabitin! can't wait to see the rest (up to ep 115 yata). this is one of my fave animes!
  • I've read na the whole story in one of the website some 2 years ago..and it was so so nice..Para syang Jewel in the Palace kasi she also became nurse,hehehe..Sayang nga, I was not able to remember the website and tried looking for it but could not found it anymore. Sana you can give me a copy.
  • hmm... di ko na matandaan ito... :(
  • LOL! I saw it on local TV sometime in the 80's :p Think it was Channel 13, and the only thing I can remember from the anime was the eyecatch, it went something like "Candy Candy! *insert childish giggle*" :D
  • I have the entire series 115 episodes in spanish. Trying to find an english version......
  • hmmm alam ko may thread na candy candy.. awww... hehehe..
    uu sa channel 13 yun dati.... hmmm basta tatandaan ko lng nasipa ung kaibigan ni candy ng kabayo... si anthony... yun lang... wahahahaha spoiler wahahaha
  • tapos namatay yung anthony.Pero start pa lang yun ng napakadami nyang adventure..spoiler...sowwwwweeee!
  • I remember watching this sa ch. 13. Ang cute ng story kaso nga lang di ko natapos...tinigil na ata nila ang airing nun!
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