Kids' entertainment - their favorite toys, books, TV shows, etc [Merged]

tina11tina11 Member PExer
The most expensive playthings on the market are useless if they can't hold your baby's interest :D What are your kids' favorite toys, videos, books, or other forms of entertainment? Please be specific about the brand of the toys or titles of the books/videos, and don't forget to post your children's ages too, so that other parents will know what toys are suitable for their own little rascals :D

My 3.5 month-old daughter still loves looking at ceiling fans, wall clocks, and at herself in the mirror. She gets excited when she sees pictures of other babies in books/magazines. When she watches Baby Einstein (we have Nursery Numbers and the farm videos) she waves her arms and smiles when she sees the puppets, but she can usually watch for only 10-15 minutes before she starts to lose interest, so I think her attention span is still too short for videos. She's starting to get interested in colorful toys but doesn't have a favorite yet :)


  • JunoJuno Achtung, baby! PExer
    when my baby just learned how to use his hands to hold things (around 2 mos.) his favorite toys were his cloth diapers and burp pads! He loved to hold them and put them in his mouth!

    now he's 4 1/2 months old and since he turned 2 1/2 mos., he has loved his gym and he's loving it more and more each day! He used to love swiping at the toys but now he knows how to grab things so he loves pulling the toys, sometimes two toys at the same time. He has the fisher-price flutterbye dreams lullabye birdies gym. He talks to the bird and loves to grab it! :lol: It's so abused na! He can stay in it for about 30 min., sometimes more. I don't know if they have this same kind here; my sister who is in the US sent it to me thru a balikbayan box :)

    He also loves Baby Einstein videos, but like you, Tina11, he can't watch it too long, maybe about 15-20 min tops. While he's watching, we put him in his Aquarium Take-along swing. We also put him there while we're eating at the dinner table so he can be with us while we're eating :P We invested in this toy (It's P7,000+!!!) because it's SO HARD to put him down for a nap, and when we tested it in the store (Baby & Co.), he almost fell asleep in it! But when we use it at home, he becomes even more stimulated! He only fell asleep in it once, and he only slept for 5-10 min.! I really wish we bought a high chair nalang plus another toy :P Sakit sa wallet...

    His lola got him a Playgro Zany zoo playmates toy (we got the green and red one), which he also really loves! He loves pulling the ears and looking at the lights (the cheeks light up). This one can keep him entertained for a long time when we go out and I put it in with him in his stroller.

    My sister also got him a teether/soft book, he also loves this one. As with other toys, he loves to grab it and put it in his mouth.

    He was also given a stacking toy that lights up, he also likes that.

    Basically, he likes toys that light up and anything he can grab!

    With books, he likes it when we read his board books to him: Dr. Seuss' Hop on Pop, Go, Dog. Go!, Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?. He likes looking at the pictures and of course...he loves grabbing the book.
  • MaiKaMaiKa single mom PExer
    my 7 month old son likes to grab at things that he sees i'm holding. his favorite now is a paper fan na actually giveaway lang. he likes gnawing at it and i had to take it away na kasi baka makalunok ng piece of paper from the fan. he also loves being his baby bouncer. it was a hand-me-down from a cousin who's now in highschool and was used by my niece 7 years ago, so they probably don't make it anymore.

    another thing he likes is bath time. i just give him a small plastic cup that he can play with and gnaw tapos it's easier to give him a bath na kasi di na masyadong malikot. he also likes his lamaze giraffe soft toy. it's nice kasi he can again chew at different parts of the toy and feel different textures. he has a vtech play and learn train that makes different sounds and talks when you push buttons and he likes that too.

    with books naman, i read Goodnight Moon to him almost every night, especially pag di pa sya makatulog. we also have the complete baby einstein dvds (pirated hehe) pero i avoid putting him in front of the tv for long periods kasi it's bad daw for young kids.
  • JunoJuno Achtung, baby! PExer
    my son's favorite "non-toys":

    - plastic containers in different sizes
    - big bowl of popcorn (loves to put his hand in the bowl and feel the popcorn. but i have to keep a very sharp eye on him when he does this to make sure he doesnt put anything in his mouth)
    - placemat on the dining table
    - digital camera (He likes to preview the pictures!)
    - plants (he likes to look at them)
    - paper
  • SweetkaySweetkay looking for my next mistake PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Fave ng baby ko is a cloth ball that his Nin gave to him and this one toy that I got from SM ... colorful kasi and he loves playing with it ...

    Here's a picture o ...

  • DaNa8DaNa8 certified mommy PExer
    Parehas na naman tayo. May ganyan din baby ko e. Dati highchair, ngayon toy naman. He likes grabbing those hanging toys. :)
  • MaiKaMaiKa single mom PExer
    juno, pareho tayo, my son is fascinated with the digicam din and also the newspaper. tapos whenever i use my cellphone pilit na inaabot. naalala ko lang because of your post :D
  • DaNa8DaNa8 certified mommy PExer
    Si bebi din mahilig mang-agaw ng digicam and cellphone. Kaya nahihirapan ako kunan yun ng picture e, hehe. :)
  • 23and1423and14 proud mommy! PExer
    minsan i find it funny na my son at the middle of his crying would pause for a while, will look at the TV and eventually will smile kasi favorite nya yung commercial.
  • tina11tina11 Member PExer
    DaNa & Sweetkay I think those are called baby gyms... I was considering buying one but I thought they were only suitable for babies who can't sit up yet. If older babies can still enjoy it pala, it might be worthwhile to buy one. Mahal kasi ng toys dito kaya I don't want to buy something that will only be used for a month or two. ;)

    23and14: nakakatuwa naman anak mo :D what are his favorite commercials?

    The other day when I handed Annika her little stuffed frog she grabbed it and immediately put it in her mouth... nagsisimula na yata siya sa stage na gusto tikman lahat ng bagay :lol:
  • DaNa8DaNa8 certified mommy PExer
    My tot's now using the leg of that baby gym as a sword, hehe. So I guess pwede sya up to 1+ yr old. :D Likot nya na ngayon, medyo rough na mga laro nya. Lalaki kasi e.

    On commercials, my son loves Pampers Good morning commercial. That's where he learned his flying kiss when he was younger. He also likes the Papa Ketchup commercial and would repeat the words and action there.
  • purpleheadd07purpleheadd07 Babae po ako PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Xan loves to stare at this wooden carving of a smiling sun hanging on our wall next to the window. Everytime we bring him to the living room he'll look at it right away that we'v called it his "anito". For once we thought he's looking at something on the window. We even changed his position in the crib so he could now face his "anito". He would even smile and coo sometimes. Medyo eerie nga eh. Kinda reminds me of that Supernatural teaser on AXN.
  • JunoJuno Achtung, baby! PExer
    maika/dana: my baby loves my cellphone too!

    tina, i think a baby gym is definitely worth it because there will come a time in your baby's life when she'll want to grab things and explore with her fingers and mouth. a gym is a great way to encourage your baby to do this and it develops motor skills, too!

    if you want more bang for your buck, you can get a gym that have detachable and convertible pieces so that your baby can play with it in a different way as she grows. Like this gym, for example, you can detach a piece so when she can sit up she can play with it as a musical instrument and when she's bigger you can even convert it to become a rocker!

    i think my baby learned to turn over in the gym from wanting to reach for the toys on the side.
  • JunoJuno Achtung, baby! PExer
    Xan loves to stare at this wooden carving of a smiling sun hanging on our wall next to the window. Everytime we bring him to the living room he'll look at it right away that we'v called it his "anito". For once we thought he's looking at something on the window. We even changed his position in the crib so he could now face his "anito". He would even smile and coo sometimes. Medyo eerie nga eh. Kinda reminds me of that Supernatural teaser on AXN.

    hehehehe i think babies really like things with faces. my baby talks to the bird in his gym sometimes...when he's not mangling it! :lol:
  • tina11tina11 Member PExer
    Thanks Juno! I'll definitely get one then. I've been thinking of getting one of those portable swings but your first post in this thread is making me re-consider ;)
  • purpleheadd07purpleheadd07 Babae po ako PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    i was about to ask you what toy i could ask for Xan from my sis who's in the US kaso she bought na daw the aquarium. sana magamit pa nya to kse i've read na up to 25 lbs lang to pde and they're coming home this july pa, Xan will be 6 months by then. o wel..

    Xan has this baby mobile attached on his crib pero he looked at it for a while lang. ngayon d na din nya pinapansin. for me naman hassle kaka turn ng knob para umikot at mag music sana nga meron yung may push button o kaya timer para mas madali. buti na lng it was just a gift from his ninang. :D

    now fave pa rin nya isubo yun fist nya pati yung small stuff toys nya drecho din sa bibig hehehe...yeah, nsa stage din ata sya na gusto tikman mga bagay bagay. :D

    btw, i've read na walkers pala are not advisable for babies kse daw accident prone. did you ever buy one for your kids?
  • DaNa8DaNa8 certified mommy PExer
    My son received a walker as a gift but we used it very seldom. Accident prone nga sya since your kid can get to things which he couldn't get to normally. It's wise to pay full attention then if your child's using one. It may actually also hinder walking since he has a way to walk already. He may be contented by this to learn to walk on his own. Push toys are more recommended for your child's walking skills.
  • JunoJuno Achtung, baby! PExer
    purplehead: the swing is ok naman, it keeps my baby entertained din for a while and i yes it's for up to 25 lbs, or for up to around 1 yr old. 'Di masiyadong sulit for your baby since he'll be 6 mos. na, but at least you didn't pay for it ;)

    it's great to have relatives in the US! Whenever they send me a balikbayan box, i order stuff at amazon to go in the box! :P The bulky toys and items like highchairs cost twice as much here so you save so much money that way. Like, I was considering the fisher-price Healthycare highchair but it costs P7,000+ here!!! In the US, it only costs P3,000+!
  • JunoJuno Achtung, baby! PExer
    sorry - double post
  • SweetkaySweetkay looking for my next mistake PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    DaNa8 wrote:
    Parehas na naman tayo. May ganyan din baby ko e. Dati highchair, ngayon toy naman. He likes grabbing those hanging toys. :)

    Naku ... ngayon ah e ginagawang weights yung baby gym niya (thanks tina11 for the term!)

    tina11He still loves playing with it and it's still suitable for babies till 2 years of age sila.
  • elzseaelzsea fortunate mom PExer
    my baby still loves her gym, we bought that when she was only 3mos and she still likes it till now. she enjoys her ball so much, her dora doll, she loves to play with remote controls, cellphones & my laptop. she loves watching Dora the Explorer so much, it makes her stay in her sofa while watching (nawawala pagiging malikot when i play dora :lol: ).

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