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Summer Camps / Trainings

chain_saw8chain_saw8 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
Letran, PCU and CSB have better Pre-season preparations coz their PBL stint, however, CSB would still be not that good because of the "used players" by Rain or Shine team are not mostly from the present blazers...

however, dela pena (Granny Goose) and Gonzales (PCU-Happee) of Mapua Cardinals have improving and superb stint in the PBL in their respective teams... also the rest of the Cardinals are busy of Horacio Lim's summer camp, with 90% of the previous line up is still intact, have better gelling and winning most of their tune-up games against Adamson, NU and other NBL teams...

san beda wud be also be in good training camp, with a seperb coach, coach Koy Banal and the new? sensation from Nigeria?, plus the on vengeance rogemar menor (season 81 big disapointment) and the rest of the lions heavily trained in outside leagues... for sure the Lions wud be a dark-horse this season 82...

other teams, pls jack-down ur reports... :) peace out!


  • i'm not sure what's happening on the letran team because they are preparing fo the micaba or should i ask if the micaba had already started?
  • As for our team JRU... they we're currently participating in MICABA and honestly I guess the Heavy Bombers will still be in the cellar coming this NCAA season. Only 4 players are retained in the team not unless they get their act together and worked as a team something good might happen. We're just hoping for the best.
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