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The Call Center SALARY INFO Thread

Post nyo lang mga alam nyong salary estimates, approx or specific. this will greatly help job hunters looking for their desired salary.

Just copy paste this format:

Salary and benefits:


  • start out by posting your information here :)
  • (these are the exact salary and benefits)

    Company: INFONXX
    Account: Enhanced Directory Assistance
    Position: Customer Service Representative
    Year: 2002 (Philippines); 1991 (Bethlehem, PA)
    Salary and benefits:

    during 5 weeks training - P10,000 (taxable)

    after 5 weeks training - P13,000 (taxable) + P2,500 (non-taxable)

    transpo allowance - P100/day (if your shift will start or end between 12:01AM - 4:59AM)

    performance bonus depending on Quality Assurance score and Call Processing Time

    night diff - 10%

    core benefits (for the employee only) - sl and vl credits, life insurance, medical and health plan, tuition reimbursement (for undergrad/postgrad or external trainings/seminars)

    flexible benefits - you'll be given a maximum number of points (in pesos) to allocate to these benefits: medical and health plan for dependents, maternity assistance for female employees, enhanced dental benefit, executive check-ups, rice subsidy, clothing allowance, subsistence allowance, meal allowance, WWF membership, fitness first memebership, fitness first plus membership
  • From reliable sources:

    Company: Convergys
    Account: ISP
    Position: Tech Support
    Year: Joined 2005
    Salary and benefits:

    14, 500upon hire +1500php allowance Training included

    Salary Increased to

    17,500php(Taxable) Upon Regularization + NON Taxable php2000 allowance (food and Transpo)

    Salary increases almost every year.

    Benefits Vacation leaves and Sick leaves upon regularization

    4 months bond only (20K bond) The shortest bond of all Call centers

    Perks: Quarterly bonuses, Performance Bonuses, Raffle (ipods, TVs, Components), Food during holidays.
  • Read this from another forum:

    Dell Tech Support Starting: 27K
    Location: SM Mall of Asia, Pasay

    LAyo parang isolated masyado un lugar! :( ok sana e.
  • Company: PeopleSupport
    Account: Shared; Sales
    Position: Customer Service Representative
    Year: 2000
    Salary and benefits:
    probationary (6 mo.) - P13,000 basic + P1,100 allowance
    upon regularization - P15,000 basic + P1,100 allowance
    special shift allowance (if your shift will start or end between 12:01AM - 4:00AM)

    performance bonus depending on QA & Attendance P900 ( probationary), P1,800 ( upon regularization)

    Retention Bonus: on your 4th month - P3,600
    upon regulariation - additional P1,800

    night diff - 20%
    benefits - hmmm ... too many.. anyone from pS? fill out please... MAXICARE.. and more
  • Hmmm sino kaya may highest starting? Exciitng toh! :lol:
  • Company: Crescent Services (Citigroup)
    Account: Citibank - Australia, Guam, US
    Position: CSO
    Salary and benefits:
    Basic - P16,000
    Night Diff - 30%
    Transpo Allow - P1,000
    Commissions depend on the account. Crescent gives a KPI bonus which ranges from P1,500-4,500 a month. Citibank, on the other hand gives commissions depending on how many sales you make. This may give you an additional P3,000 (average).

    10 SLs and 15 VLS

    Health card, Insurance

    Great prizes for top performers - Ipod, Cellphones, TV, PSP, and even trips abroad. Perks are at par with Citiphoners from all over the world, so whatever programs they have in North America or in Europe, we also get those here in the Asia Pacific.

    Yearly increase in salary depending on performance evals.

    For those interested, send me an sms at 09224652506/ 09224803003. Laki ng referral fee eh.
  • Send more info please..:bop:
  • Company:Touch Asia Contact Solutions (Phils.), Inc.
    Account:Outbound Sales (American, Australian and UK)
    Position:Call Center Associate
    Salary and benefits: starting 9000 (taxable) + 2000 (non-taxable) allowance + 1600 non-taxable attendance incentive (if complete attendance)
    1 SL & 1 VL every month so a total of 12 SLs and 12 VLs a year + 3 ELs every year + 10 TA holidays (with pay) if you don't have a campaign
    * Commissions depending on the campaign you're into.
    * Company outing every summer and so far as I've heard from the management it's gonna be EK this year
    * Night diff and yearly increase depending on your appraisal
  • pwede bang makipost miske dein call center company?
  • Meron din Salary Info Thread sa main lobby ng "WORKING FILIPINO" for Non Call centers....
  • Company: Branders.com
    Account: Branders.com (promotional items)
    Position: Account Manager

    Basic: 15000
    (basic will increase to 20k if you have 100 clients and 25k if you have 200 clients)

    Transpo allowance: 2500 (non-tax)

    Perfect Attendance: 3000

    10% Night Diff

    Spiffs: one of my teammate got 12k for one order.

    Effort Bonus: 7000

    (effort bonus is based on how well you perform every month...managers here on an average gives 65% to 85% of the 7000 so roughly you will get an additional pay of 4550 to 6000 every month)

    Casm Bonus: 5000 to 100k casm bonuses are given every month if you achieve to hit a certain level in casm.

    (how it works: every time you hit a certain level in casm you will get a bonus. there are 15 levels. first level is 5000 and then 10k, three 15ks, three 20ks, three 30ks, three 50ks and the last is 100k. let say you achieve all levels in one month, just add it all and that's the bonus that you'll get.)

    Intellicare cards plus two dependents. 250k limit for principal and two dependents. will be enjoyed after training.

    Free food, soda and coffee. Before our caterer was VIA MARE.

    The best part is unlimited BREAKS.
  • Company: Convergys
    Account: IBM-Sprint
    Position: Customer Care and Sales Representative
    Year: 2004
    Salary and benefits: i started with 12500, 13500 after reg (6mos), 15000 (2005), 16800 came feb 2006, meal allowance 1000, transpo 1250, quartetly bonus (based on scorecards), 1.5 vl's and sl's (monthly), sl's convertible, vl's upto 5, 1500 hazard pay (effective april 2006), perks (gc's, cash, raffle draws, ipods, entertainment showcase, bedroom showcase, mobile phones, pcs, etc)based on sales, csat, aht. unlimited coffee sa vendo. Amen!
  • Company: JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. call center in Makati
    Account: Chase Credit Card Services
    Position: Fraud Analysts
    Year: present
    Salary and benefits: 18-25k basic salary for experienced call center agents, 15% night differential (which is fixed regardless of whether your shift starts at 3am or 10pm), 2,900 nontaxable allowances.

    No bond; you can move to other openings within JP Morgan Chase Bank (yes, the bank ITSELF!) anywhere in the world (whether in the US, Singapore, India, Philippines, etc.) after 9 months of work and getting good appraisals.

    Interested? Set an appointment with me at 0922 679 2755 so I can brief you FURTHER and answer ALL questions in detail. :)
  • Daksh - 14-17K starting - - - From a friend
  • Company: NCO GROUP ASIA PACIFIC (formerly RMH Teleservices, Inc)
    Account: NCO, MSN, Vonage, AT&T, etc.
    Position: MSN Tech Support Level 2
    Year: 2005
    Salary and benefits: 18 K (basic)...19 K after 2 consecutive "good" on scorecard (bi-weekly: pay day every two fridays)
    ---> free unlimited meal (choice of 5 viands and 5 drinks)...all day any day
    ---> 1.5 K (max) metrics incentive bonus (BOE-band of excellence)
    ---> unlimited internet access: no surf control (just be discreet on surfing)
    ---> health benefits only upon regularization
    ---> sl's and vl's are computed based on production time on the floor (more or less 1.25 every month for perfect attendance)
    ---> company sponsored-parties

    ....that's for msn alone...i dunno 'bout the other accounts...there are a lot of sales accounts in nco that pays better...by the way, msn has the highest attrition rate in nco...in two weeks alone (as of presstime), more than 20 agents have resigned...and the thing is...it's normal...hehe :)
  • 105.jpg

    A:Sweldo po ng L1-A5 Tech Agent sa isang pasweldo. 26 times ang pasweldo sa isang taon.
    B at C : magulo pa sa ngayon. Tanong nyo muna sa Dell thread
  • Based from what i read from other threads and sites:

    Mindbox Solutions: 22k Starting sa mga call center analysts nila for loans etc.
  • r_69_e wrote:
    pwede bang makipost miske dein call center company?

    are you referring to the ibm hr process something? oo nga, post mo please (or pm at least the range hehe)

    btw, di ba sykes ka dati? i remember you recruiting for the da account of sykes...
  • based on this thread & judging it, hindi rin naman pala nagkakalayo ang mga sweldo natin. mataas pero mababa ang benefits, iba naman mababa swledo pero mataas ang benefits. balance rin, so nagtataka ako kung bakit ang daming nagaaway about mataas dito, mataas dun, eh swledo lang tinitingnan nyo. dapat tignan ang value ng benefits din kasi bilang sa bir yun for the annual salary
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