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Graphic novels that you have read

The ones I've read so far (and highly recommend):

Box Office Poison - Alex Robinson
Tricked - Alex Robinson
Blankets - Craig Thompson
Ghost World - Daniel Clowes
V for Vendetta - Alan Moore & David Lloyd


  • the whole Sandman series
    the two Death books
    The Watchmen, but i don't have a copy yet (anyone want to sell theirs?)
    Weapon X - the origins of Logan/Wolverine

    i still want to read The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and V for Vendetta
  • sin city
    v for vendetta
  • Alan Moore's "Watchmen". Terrific plot twists, outstanding characterizations.

    Marv Wolfman's "Crisis on Infinite Earths". Great action.

    Jim Starlin's "The Infinity Gauntlet". Another book with great action.
  • watchmen
    dark knight returns
    infinity gauntlet
    thor visionaries vol1-5
    civil war
    v for vendetta
    batman: gotham by gaslight
    batman: gothic

    highly recommended....
  • The sandman series (though it's crazy expensive...argh!):bop:
  • ^
    I plan starting on that, but if I have to collect them all, mamumulubi ako.

    Watchmen by Alan Moore
    V for Vendetta by Alan Moore
  • Western:
    Sandman Series (all 10 graphic novels plus some spin-offs)
    Preacher (9 graphic novels)
    Hellblazer (not all though. Have a hard time getting some of the trade paperbacks)
    Fables (ongoing)

    Vagabond (ongoing)
    Blade of the Immortal (ongoing)
    Samurai Executioner
  • wala pa akong nababasang graphic novels.. pero gusto kong basahin yung 'the watchmen'. haha. mahal kasi ng mga graphic novel eh.. :(
  • Ang Alamat ng Gubat - Bob Ong
    The Mythology Class - Arnold Arre
  • sandman
    jack of fables
    the league of extraordinary gentleman volumes I & II (black dossier nalang hindi ko pa nababasa.)
    kingdom come
    batman: year one
    batman: the dark knight returns
    batman: the dark knight strikes again
    batman: the long halloween
    batman: hush
    the killing joke
    the man who laughs
    arkham asylum: a serious house on serious earth
  • Recommended.

    The Watchmen
    The Dark Knight Returns
    Kingdom Come
    Batman: The Killing Joke

    I want to read Sandman, pero 10 volumes, each Volume is Php900. Mahal.... Wala pera! WAAAAAHHHH!
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