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Can someone explain this POEM for me?

Why Can’t We Love Anymore?
Annie R. Menez

We had summers in our pockets
We had winter in our bones
Why must the spring rain buckets?
Why can’t we love anymore?

We shared summer with each other
Once… was it long ago?
We told spring to blow forever
Why won’t it flower as before?

We have aged but there’s no reason
To be cold, dour and bleak
We can still be nice and caring
But why are you such a bore?

so what do you think is the deeper meaning of this poem?


  • dikyadikya PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    it's about a relationship that only lasted for 3 seasons (summer, fall, winter). the relationship started well but they eventually got tired of each other.
  • It revolves on the premise that love is timeless. It's a lamentation of time having outlived enthusiasm and love. In her old age she muses of why it happened when it didn't have to.
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