Remembering "BUTTERCUP" ~ Claudine, Piolo, Diet, Assunta

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Named after the bar in which the show's upwardly mobile pals hang out, Buttercup introduces us to several unique characters that reflect many segments of its target audience. Claudine Barretto plays Meg, whose chaotic lovelife provides the center of Buttercup's weekly plotlines. Idealistic, starry-eyed Meg is a sucker for love, marriage, and everything that mirrors the romantic books and movies she likes.

Lance (Piolo Pascual) is Meg's best friend since childhood, and has always been the steady force in Meg's life, comforting her when her lovelife goes sour. All in all, Lance is a very simple guy, content with playful trips to karaoke bars and other fun-loving, shallow activities with Meg and their barkada.

Winston (Diether Ocampo) is the gang's business-minded health buff. Affluent, handsome and witty, Winston is also rather high-maintenance, with his haute couture outfits and his unabashed love for artsy things like the ballet, Broadway plays and classical music. But a long-standing rumor in their barkada holds that when he lived in the US, Winston went to a plastic surgeon and had his homely looks refined to form his current hunky features. One thing's for sure - now that he's back, he's determined to win Meg's heart at all cost.

Winston's fraternal twin brother, Wilson (Onemig Bondoc) is also part of their barkada. A brash, athletic and fashionable party animal, commitment-phobic Wilson constantly has a string of girlfriends on his arm. But what secret is he hiding from his friends?

Sexy, charismatic Sharon (Assunta de Rossi) is Meg's best female friend. Although people have tended to judge her by her looks, Sharon is not one to let people's negative attitudes bring her down. Although already burdened with being the breadwinner for her family, Sharon believes in retaining a positive outlook in life - an attitude that has earned her the barkada's lifelong friendship.

Quite the opposite from her is Sharon's younger sister Sheryl (Ciara Sotto). An ambitious, determined young woman, Sheryl always insists on being provided with the latest "in" things despite coming from a middle-class family.

Pippo (Carlos Agassi) also comes from a well-off background, with a popular TV host as a parent and a background as a former child star and commercial model. Although often lively, kind and generous to his friends, Pippo can also be very unpredictable and temperamental - and keeping that balance keeps Pippo's barkada constantly on their toes.

Miko Palanca completes Buttercup's star octet as Chris, the owner of the Buttercup bar, and Lance's half-brother.

Other costars for this project include Rio Locsin, Buboy Garrovillo, John Arcilla, Mat Ranillo III, Eugene Domingo, Angel Jacob and Carla Martinez. Buttercup will also be reuniting Claudine with the winning team behind the teleseryes Mula sa Puso, Saan Ka Man Naroroon and Sa Dulo ng Walang Hanggan: executive producer Mae Santos, director Wenn Deramas and writers Keiko Aquino and Senedy Que. Also in the roster is supervising producer Nini Matilac.


  • XerophytesXerophytes bones. fringe. flashforward PExer
    meron ba sa inyo may dvd/vcd nito?

    Haven't really watch this show... at wala sa abscbn now ito eh...
  • fallingforyoufallingforyou Member PExer
    gustong gusto ko tong show na to dati kaya lang biglang nawala.
  • mjoyousDT31mjoyousDT31 I ♥ my DIET! PExer
    i want this show on dvd! :bounce2:
  • esragesrag Faith Empowers Us PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    sana nga meron to sa DVD
  • STAR PATROLSTAR PATROL kaChika☺☺&#9786 PExer
  • XerophytesXerophytes bones. fringe. flashforward PExer
    sino may kopya? kahit pirated? :lol:

    wala ba?? ;)
  • fr34kfr34k Banned by Admin PExer
    nagkatuluyan ba si Carlos at Onemig in the end? at yun daw talaga ang tinanong ko? :lol:

    I missed the last episode ng show na to...kasi saturday siya eh lakwatsera ang beauty ko pag weekends.
  • Ophelia_KillsOphelia_Kills Moderator PExer
    fr34k- Oo! Sila nagkatuluyan.

    I thought this show was good like, the first 6 episodes or so, then it got too complicated. They never really showed the growth of Lance and Meg's relationship. And ang weird when Diet ended up with Assunta. It just happened.
  • james_chicagojames_chicago Banned by Admin PExer

    sayang to. isang episode lang ata napanood ko dito. wala pa kasi kaming TFC noon, at wala pang abscbn-now.

    sana mailagay sa archives ng now!
  • esragesrag Faith Empowers Us PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Build me Up... Buttercup dont break my heart...
  • kurtzvillekurtzville Member PExer
    ilang episodes ba ang buttercup???
  • XerophytesXerophytes bones. fringe. flashforward PExer
    wala ba???

    wala bang nakarecord or something na may pirated copy nito at bibili ako :lol:

    wala sa now :bigcry:
  • jadebenchjadebench NAVY boy from Las Vegas PExer
    wala ko pinalampas sa show na to noon
  • 4Christym4Christym Member PExer
    I loved this show. I subscribed TFC because of Buttercup.

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