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anyone still driving a toyota liftback?


kami meron pa... 1983 model ata yung 2 door...


  • GreatBop
    GreatBop Beerhand Gets Big Pots
    one word... WHY????
  • GreatBop wrote:
    one word... WHY????

    Why not, but ya what liftback exactly Toyota made alot of liftback cars.

    On the other hand I drive a 1988 Supra A70 Liftback Turbocharged.
  • DI10 wrote:

    kami meron pa... 1983 model ata yung 2 door...

    yes my friend in baguio still has his from new 150,000 kms no overhaul & runs like a top. just take care of it. solid body & no "lata" put some old bbs mags. Good thing about if you bought it 50k when new you can sell it at 60-70k kumita kapa. pero if i were you keep it. cheap labor & parts is your edge.
  • shun_sakurai
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    Hmmm which "liftback" model is this? Corolla? Celica? Supra? :)
  • Devastator
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    2 door? Then it is the corolla liftback. My tito had one before. Naaliw ako 'coz of the rear windshield wiper. The car had a twin tipped muffler, headers and fog lamps. When my cousin got it, the car was repainted from beige to gold and had rota mags.
  • We have the Silver Edition
  • joeldcloser
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    Yup,I used to own a 01 Celica GTS 6 spd,last production year(2005).Scion TC is the current one(built by Toyota-Japan,Released only in US),It has a 2.4 liter,4 cyl. engine(identical eng. with 4 cyl 06 Camry/Rav4s).Inexpensive too!!!!
  • mac_bolan00
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    the DENR will gladly buy your liftback. they'll drop it in the sea as part of their artificial reef project. kidding aside, i always thought the 1980 liftback was one cool car. and full of pep. in the early 90s when all those new toyotas, lancers and nissans came out, it was still the car of choice for many first time buyers.
  • i was rummaging through my in laws old books and i found the shop manual to the american version of the toyota corolla liftback....
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