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Feedback about this call center pls! Is it true work sched is only 4 days/week?? But still pays very well?


  • globalhegemonglobalhegemon King Crap PExer
    Actually bukas mag-aaply ako dyan. They said it pays good nga daw. How about the dress code and other benefits:?:
  • i dont like there. but if you're desperate, go ahead.
  • corcorcorcor Member PExer

    Why don't you like it? Care to expound?
  • junjonjunjon volleyball setter PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    i tried na dito, mahirap ang examination tapos business attire pa, first exam is making 3 business letters, tapos napakaraming sets of questions, after the exams, malalaglag na yung iba. yung makakapasa sa exam ay may next batch of exam pa tapos interview, sayang nga kc hotel ang nature nila so they are looking for graduates of hrm or any business course, nasa last stage na ko eh. try nyo baka iba na ang hinahanap nila, customer care kc kayo ng mga hotels sa ibat-ibang bansa.
  • corcorcorcor Member PExer
    Is anyone already working at IHG? How's compensation, management, workj environment, the work itself? Fun or stressful? Am guessing since it's cust. service for hotels, it should be less stressful & kinda fun! =)

    Thanks junjon! Let us know how things go when you start! =)
  • globalhegemonglobalhegemon King Crap PExer
    junjon Thanks for letting us know re: the application process. Parang tough ata ang exam dun ha. Just submitted my resume' kanina then they told me to wait for their call for the phone interview (first stage). Pero since me customer service background na ako, will that somewhat give me an edge?
  • globalhegemonglobalhegemon King Crap PExer
    Alright, this afternoon I received a call from them and they asked something about the stuff that I indicated in my resume'. After that, they asked me to report to their office this Friday morning at their offices for the initial exam, where they asked me to come in business attire. Can anyone please help me re: how the exam goes (aside from the fact na pulos business letters raw yan)?

    Thanks a lot! :)
  • maudemaude Member PExer
    hi, i used to work here but after 3 months resigned. actually, the work is easy kasi you're sort of customer service for their priority club members(frequent stayers. you just reserve rooms for them, and update their membership points for their club. kaso it just so happened na nagsawa ako sa account. and yung four days work, it means you work for 4 days pero 11 hours ung shift. so parang in-offset lang ung pang-5th day mo dapat... dapat business casual attire kasi building policy ng rcbc and they try to retain ung idea na hotel sila so dapat mejo formal. ganda facilities nila dito chaka mac ung mga PCs na ginagamit dito.

    another thing pala, you can choose naman ung d\5-day shift and 9 hours work e.. shift bidding po kasi depending on performance. even during training dapat maganda performance mo, para pag live na kayo sa floor, makuha mo ung gusto mong sched.
  • corcorcorcor Member PExer
    hi maude,

    Wow, thank you so much for the feedback! Sounds like a really good work schedule! What about the compensation, benefits & career growth?? =)
  • globalhegemonglobalhegemon King Crap PExer
    maude Thanks for the info.

    I went there last Friday for the exam and interview. junjon was right all along in describing the exam, marami nga ang naalis. Then initial interview. After the initial interview, he told me na they will evaluate my application and will give me a call on or before Wednesday to let me know if I move on to the next stages.

    Wala lang, pero ganyan ang hiring process ng IHG? Just asking :)
  • fyi, girls lang po tinatanggap dito... hotel reservations kasi...
  • globalhegemonglobalhegemon King Crap PExer
    ^Ganun ba? Kaya pala hindi na ako natawagan...

    Pero based on the simul calls (exam), me guy agent dun ah...pero most prolly mock call lang yun, so you may be right...
  • IdiotechqueIdiotechque Member PExer
    starting salary?
  • bishopbishop amdg PExer
    i have a friend who works here, and he's a guy.

    so i don't think they only get girls.
  • my best friend is working there. OK siya sabi niya. saka if maganda stats mo pwede kang 4 days lang pumasok anytime mo gusto. as in wala kang scheduled shift. pero pag downtime lang ata yun. tatanong ko uli.
  • explorer580explorer580 Member PExer
    mababa ang basic pay dito. pag new grad ka, 12k lang. pag may experience ka, 12,500 and so on depending on experience. tapos 2k lang ang allowance. 15% lang ang night diff dito.

    very strict rin dito. may gawin ka lang isang mali, you're out of a job. may palakasan rin...maraming mayabang na akala mo kung sino umasta eh pare-pareho lang naman kaming agents.

    pangit ang environment...that's why i resigned after 4 mos.
  • my bestfriend just left the company. kase daw no OT pay sabi niya. parang hindi makatarungan.
  • explorer580explorer580 Member PExer
    meron namang OT pay ah! wala lang OT pay if you're a trainer or sa HR...pero for agents, there's OT pay...in IHG, it's called EH or extra hours...
  • queenkatiequeenkatie world's best ex-gf PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    heard some negative feedbacks sa management. my friend was a former trainer here, she was forced to resign for some reason na management lang ang nakakaintindi and nakakaalam
  • explorer580explorer580 Member PExer
    trainer? K ba ang initial ng first name nya? yup, heard about this and it really sucks!!! imagine ang daming batch na ang natrain niya...eh kung sya ang tatanggalin, tanggalin na nila lahat ng natrain nya diba?

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