need your expert advice...and advanced thanks as well. — PinoyExchange

need your expert advice...and advanced thanks as well.

I'm not really much into cars so bear with me, and i don't really drive a lot.

I have a Honda City and when i drive around 110 kmh, the whole car starts to vibrate. So what happens when i'm on the highway is that i need to maintain a constant speed of 100 kmh for the car not to shake. On some occasions, pag dumaan ang auto sa lubak parang me hindi stable akong naririnig. plus when i drive fast i hear this hissing sound. Opinions on what to check and how much this is probably going to cost would be greatly appreciated. thanks.


  • check tires maybe may bukol or oblong
    bring to a shell station and check:
    under chassis, wheel bearings, rack end, ball joint, tire rod
    engine support
    consider wheel balancing, alignment & camber
  • it may be a myriad of things that can possibly cause your dilema...its just a process of elimination, try to check all suspension and drivetrain parts for any visible signs of wear, especially your tires, does the steering wheel go shimmy when travelling at these speeds? do you notice whether the car vibrates more from the back or the front? on most cases it may be worn or unbalanced tires, try this first before you go to the suspension itself, it will save you time and money. it may also be worn dynamic dampers on the drive shaft of your car, or worn bushings. start with the tires, and work your way to the suspension and drivetrain parts.
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    Have the tires checked visually and balanced first then move on to the other possible suspension parts.
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    The high-speed shake may be due to your tires having 'flat spots' on them. I drive a 1999 City and I experience the same shake at 120+ km/h; it took a full tire replacement to get rid of it. Now my ride's still smooth at 140+ km/h (not that I condone speeding).

    The hissing sound may be a loose wheel bearing. Start from the tires first, then work your way into the suspension to look for problems.
  • joeldcloser
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    Check your tire:might have a deffect,low on air,not balanced/aligned?
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