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AI: Elliott Yamin



  • Here are some new E pics from Rickey's blog.
    I think this was taken during a mini-concert last week (or two weeks ago) which Taylor and Elliott attended together. If I'm not mistaken, Taylor was a guest performer. There was an article about it somewhere.
  • thanks for those jdlc! parang nangitim nang todo si taylor ah...
  • imogen_ph wrote:
    Psst Yams, Randy Jackson said (in a radio interview I think?) recently: "...my boy Elliott Yamin is making an album". Yayy!

    One last pic before I sleep. This one's special. When E sang IDWTB on 21st Century night, I positively shamelessly squeed for the first time. How could I not, he was SO adorable. *sigh*


    SQUEEEEE!!!!! Me too!!! :bashful: Ahhhh... the memories... I couldn't stop smiling after that performance! It still makes me laugh out loud sometimes (in a good way, of course)... he was truly adorkable...:rotflmao: This performance is also truly special because it was the first and last time he had the infamous "pimp" spot (this means going last in the show, for any newbies out there... which is supposed to be a sign of favor from the producers).

    Oh, and that quote of Randy's... I hope it's true... I need my E-fix STAT!
  • mars_mg wrote:
    thanks for those jdlc! parang nangitim nang todo si taylor ah...
    Taylor looks funny like he just got out of bed or something :D. Baka masyado lang busy at parating nasa labas kaya parang nangitim (o namula).

    Si Elliott mukhang nag-enjoy naman.
  • Once more before I sleep (pssst, what do fellas want to give on E's birthday. Aside from that, you naughty girls! Hah!)






    Hey, everyone! I've informed merrr and squeegee about this one; and I think you guys would be interested.

    this is a bit HUSH HUSH so atin atin lang 'to.

    Big Planz, Elliott's producer/songwriter friend is organizing a birthday party when the AI tour arrives in Richmond. With this is an opportunity to give something for him exclusively from the YAMINOYS. I'm willing to send it to Laclos (Yaminions.com owner) to directly give to Elliott (no PO box to contend with where we don't know when Elliott will get it).

    We're coming up with a gift; and I'm thinking of putting together a YAMINOY SCRAPBOOK. The goal of this is to PIMP 'PINAS to Elliott in a very creative way... Just so we're on his mind if and when he has a world tour... with Pinoy-related stuff (postcards, hotspots, letters from Yaminoys, fan arts, a t-shirt, souvenirs, etc). The catch is that we have to finish this by mid-July so I could compile it and send it out ASAP.

    What I need from you guys are:

    1. Your messages to Elliott.
    You don't really need to stress how big he is here, cos the gift will hopefully speak for itself. We don't want to bombard him with "Pinoys love you so much!" when the gift itself says that (maybe a section that shows such HUGE-ness will be enough). Just put in your birthday greetings, stories about how he inspired you, how you became a fan... anything you wanna say to Elliott while you have the chance now. Short and simple... long and epic... YOUR CHOICE. YOUR LETTER. Just forward your message to [email protected] on or before JULY 9, 2006 at 6pm. Don't forget to put in your name, age, and location (sana di lang sa Maynila ang mga Yaminoys para makagawa ako ng fan map). Send in your pictures as well if you want for the fan map.

    2. Your fan arts for Elliott.
    Got any CD covers, posters, bookmarks, drawings centered around Elliott? Send them in!
    Since it's already done/printed; the deadline is JULY 16, 2006. Email me at [email protected] for shipping address.
    Written letters (if you choose to write your letter to Elliott) and Birthday Cards could also be sent by this deadline. I-LBC niyo na lang pag kaya niyo para one-day shipping lang... medyo mas magastos lang nga.

    3. Your suggestions for the YAMINOY t-shirt for Elliott.
    I already have a logo for the back of the shirt. I just don't know what to put in the front. I've only thought of "Pinoys love a funky white boy" and "love ako ng pinoy" or "love ko pinoy" a-la bench. Post your suggestions through this ygroup and all suggestions by this Sunday will be considered.

    If enough people email me at [email protected] volunteering to help out (MM area only, please)... especially those with a knack for scrapbooking. Let's see if we could organize a meetup... depending on feasibility.

    ... for scrapbook, t-shirt, other gifts, printing and other materials, shipping (express to US).
    alam kong mahirap ang panahon ngayon; but I PROMISE TO USE OUR MONEY WISELY. I will post pictures on what the scrapbook will look like (I might buy one from National or Tickles), what Pinoy merchandise I'll give (post in your suggestions as well).
    Transfers could be done through WESTERN UNION. Just email me at [email protected] for details. Even the smallest amount would be a big help for our cause.

    Sorry if it's too rushed; but we pretty much don't have a choice. I think this is a window of opportunity we should take advantage of. Forward this to fellow Elliott fans just in case they want to contribute.
    This is one step towards getting Pinoys noticed. Let Elliott know we love him and he has a huge fanbase right here! Thanks for reading and I'm looking forward to everyone's contributions.

    [email protected]
    *please don't email me at the address i use on this group. anything i get from that gmail account might not be included.
    **for any questions, just email me thru [email protected]
  • I just saw this article on the E-train thread. It's a good read and the author shares the same sentiments with E's followers like you and me. The "right after the dancing bears" quote is funny.

  • mars_mg wrote:

    3. Your suggestions for the YAMINOY t-shirt for Elliott.
    I already have a logo for the back of the shirt. I just don't know what to put in the front. I've only thought of "Pinoys love a funky white boy" and "love ako ng pinoy" or "love ko pinoy" a-la bench. Post your suggestions through this ygroup and all suggestions by this Sunday will be considered.

    How about "MaYamin ang Pinoy!"?
  • Thanks for the pics guys!

    Mars_mg..you're so organized! Galing mo naman! Can I suggest something? Maybe it would be better if E's shirt is written in English...so everytime he wears it, people around him (and including him too) would understand what it means.

    Got this from the Etrain board..it's a link to the Good Day show video (with E and the rest of the AI contestants) Click here
  • i was just now thinking of a basketball jersey instead of a shirt... what do you guys think?
  • ey, everyone! some people have just aired concerns over the feasibility of this gift. if you guys prefer to give a simpler gift basta alam lang ni elliott na nandito tayo, i'm all for it. after all, it would make my work easier... hehe...

    jersey? t-shirt? jewelry? ano?

    for now, just send in your messages anyway if you want to say something to elliott. i could still make the compilation of messages smaller.
  • kaka-E ko, na-ecoly ako.. :lol:

    cute ng pictures.. keep them coming.. ;)
  • mars_mg wrote:
    i was just now thinking of a basketball jersey instead of a shirt... what do you guys think?

    That would be cute too! :) By the way, were you able to find out his shirt size? Or shall we base it on our guy friends who are 5'6''? ;)

    I am willing to work on the scrapbook, and I have a friend who's really into scrapbooking AND Elliott, I'm sure she'd be willing to help too! She's part of the yahoogroup, but will talk to her about it later, in person :)
  • Was just thinking... how about a pillow he can use on the tour bus? One of those U-shaped ones... I want to give him something that he can use daily! Hehehe :)
  • brickello wrote:
    How about "MaYamin ang Pinoy!"?

    or Pinoy sing it like YAMIN it! -> sing it, like you mean it.. :winker:
  • that would be great, merrr! my brother's 5'6" but i have to ask what his waistline is... if it's 30-31 like elliott then we might have the right size.
  • how 'bout something like this?
  • Hello people! I was thinking, if we're going to ask Laclos to bring a gift for us, better siguro kung hindi masyadong bulky. The scrapbook is a good idea but:

    1. Elliott won't have time to look through it. He'd still be on tour, so he'll probably leave it in Richmond.
    2. We have only a very short time to do this, kawawa naman si mars, sleeplacker and her friend kung sila lang ang matatambakan ng trabaho.
    3. Did I say we have a very short time lang? I can't produce anything under this kind of pressure! He he he.

    We can give Elliott a Pinoy scrapbook when he comes here, o di ba?

    Also, I'd want us to give E something that he can use immediately. I like sleeplacker's idea, `yung pillow. Patatakan natin ng slogan or something. I like the jersey idea, too. Teka, what if we give him several small gifts na lang? Like these things plus... I don't know, a Pinoy music cd he will like? (The music experts can suggest, one or two lang.)

    Opinion ko lang po.

    Not leaving without a couple of photos, as requested:



    I know I posted this before, but I like looking at it so I hope you don't mind:

  • Hi imogen! I'm merrr, btw (made this PEx I.D. a long time ago :) )

    I really like the idea about the Pinoy music CD! Any suggestions on whose music / what songs to include? We could actually send him 2 CDs, one that's a regular CD and one that has MP3 files for easy transfer to any iPod or MP3 player. :)

    Plus, it fits the criterion of being not bulky. :)

    Feasible *small* gifts:
    1) Jersey/t-shirt
    2) Pinoy music CD
    3) Pillow (but to make it less bulky, one of those inflatable ones nalang, haha ;) )

    p.s. nice pics! *okay*
  • ...Here's another idea (is it obvious I'm a night person?) :

    We can have a 5-part gift that appeals to all FIVE SENSES:

    SIGHT: Our messages and fanart (either in scrapbook or electronic scrapbook form) or things that showcase the sights of the Philippines

    HEARING: Pinoy music CD!

    TASTE: An unusual Pinoy delicacy... so many to choose from! Suggestions?

    TOUCH: Inflatable travel pillow that can be shipped flat (deflated) with a Yaminoys slogan on it...

    SMELL: Ummm... a used basketball jersey? Just kidding!!! The jersey can be included in the "sight" portion. But I really don't know what we can give under this category... any ideas?

    Another pasaway idea: ABS Bitter Herbs! Wahahaha!!!

    (ok, I think I should sleep now before I come up with any weirder thoughts)
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