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[PExCharts] Who knocks Mark off the top to win the game? See the 2/18/06 chart!

For the week ending February 18, 2006

1. EVERYTHING YOU DO (re-entry) Christian Bautista.
From the album Completely.
Six weeks on chart.
Peak: 1 (three weeks to date)

2. YOU WIN THE GAME (1) Mark Bautista.
From the album Dream On Expanded.
Seven weeks on chart.
Peak: 1 (4 weeks)

3. AND THEN WE KISS (re-entry) Britney Spears
From the album B In the Mix: The Remixes.
Six weeks on chart.
Peak: 3

4. IF YOU WALK AWAY (4) Rachelle Anne Go
From the album I Care.
Five weeks on chart.
Peak: 4

5. MAGMAHAL MULI (6) Sam Milby & Say Alonzo
From the album Sam Milby.
Seven weeks on chart.
Peak: 5

6. SIKAT ANG PINOY (2) Sam Milby and Toni Gonzaga.
From the album Sam Milby.
Two weeks on chart.
Peak: 2

7. NARDA (4) Kamikaze
Live MYX Performance.
Three weeks on chart.
Peak: 4

8. NASAAN KA (7) Pupil
From the album Beautiful Machines.
Seven weeks on chart.
Peak: 7

9. LAGI MO AKONG DINEDMA (10) Rocksteddy
From the album substatagilidakeyn.
Two weeks on chart.
Peak: 9

10. GOODBYE’S NOT FOREVER (3) Erik Santos
From the album Loving You Now.
Six weeks on chart.
Peak: 2

11. UGLY (re-entry) Sugababes.
From the album Taller in More Ways.
Two weeks on chart.
Peak: 11.

12. I (new) 6-Cycle Mind.
From the album Panorama.
One week on chart.
Peak: 12.

13. L-O-V-E. (new) Ashlee Simpson.
From the album I Am Me.
One week on chart.
Peak: 13.

14. HIGH (new) Barbie Almalbis feat. The Speaks.
Radio Cut.
One week on chart.
Peak: 14.

15. SO SICK (new) Ne-Yo
From the album In My Own Words.
One week on chart.
Peak: 15.

16. I STILL (re-entry) Backstreet Boys.
From the album Never Gone.
Six weeks on chart.
Peak: 5

17. NEXT THING YOU KNOW (new) Matthew West.
From the album History.
One week on chart.
Peak: 17.

18. THIS GUY'S IN LOVE WITH YOU, PARE (new) Kiljawan.
From the album The Blend.
One week on chart.
Peak: 18.

19. UNA (8) Spongecola
From the album Palabas.
Six weeks on chart.
Peak: 8

20. GONE (new) Kelly Clarkson
From the album Breakaway.
One week on chart.
Peak: 20

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Listen to Your Chart by Mister Dean

Once again, a Bautista is on top, only this time, for the first time in five weeks, it's Christian Bautista. Christian Bautista fans stormed back with a vengeance after their idol fell off the charts in an embarrassing 2 to zip drop, sending in enough votes for Everything You Do to not only surge Christian onto the chart, but enough to topple Mark Bautista's You Win the Game off the perch it had occupied for a month.

In doing so, Christian Bautista becomes the first artist to re-enter the PexCharts at #1.

The odd week continues The re-entering of four songs comes as little surprise, given last week's strange chart. Enough votes came in to fill in 20 slots, but what surprises us at PEx admin is the re-entry of the Sugababes' Ugly, which received enough votes to re-enter the chart at #11.

Debut City. A rush of artists make their debuts on the charts this week, led by 6 Cycle Mind's One at #12. After that come Ashlee Simpson's L-O-V-E (new at #13), Ne-Yo's So Sick (#15), Matthew West's Next Thing You Know, Kiljawan's a capella reworking of Parokya ni Edgar's This Guy's In Love With You, Pare (#18), and the #20 squeaker, Gone by Kelly Clarkson.

12 Stones is as steady as, well, twelve rocks. Shortly after Rocksteddy's single Lagi Mo Akong Dinedma debuted onto the PexChart at #10, another artist makes her debut as a 12 Stones artist and enters the chart: Barbie Almabis' collaboration with Fil-Am group The Speaks, High. This makes 12 Stones Records by far the most successful local indie label on the PexChart, second overall to U.S. indie label Jive, who can thank Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys for their impressive PexChart track record.

PinoyExchange Countdown Rules and Mechanics
1. The songs must be current releases. For a song to make the chart, it must be receiving airplay on at least one Metro Manila radio station as of the week that it receives its votes.
2. Each nick counts as a vote.
3. Spammers will be dealt with accordingly.
4. You may only vote for one song.

How to Vote
1. Go to PEx Private Messaging and create a new message.
2. Put the song title and / or the artist in the subject line as follows:

~ Song Title ~ Artist (Optional) ~
(Don't worry about the spacing... as long as the tildes ("~") are there, it's okay)

3. Send this Private Message to our PExer friend and tally master, pextop20. Do not send them to Mister Dean.


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