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[Penshoppe Promo Week III] Penshoppe Speak Up! With Resolve

AdaAda Administrator PEx Moderator
Tell us about a time when someone you know didn't settle for second, dug in and took the lead!

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  • FUCHSIAFUCHSIA PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Our cheering squad (thankfully I was a player and was not part of the squad) was composed of members who seem to have never heard of enervon, red bull or lipovitan. They all look lethargic and what's worse is they didn't have any budget to get a trainer or cheering coach. One cheerer, managed to set aside her lethargy, put on her colorful pompoms and with all the strength that her vocal chords can carry, started to lead the team, to guess what? Victory, of course. Her energy and never say die enthusiasm infected the squad. That was quite unforgettable because they were the underdogs but they rose to the ocassion and won!
  • My brother had this fil-am classmate, in his swimming lessons, who seemed to be cut out for a swimmer.During their graduation/Final competition, the fil-am boy was everyone's best bet. My brother, seduced by the prospect of bringing home a trophy, tried to come up with a different approach. He thought he could make use of his height and diving skills to gain an advantage over the others. He practiced hard to perfect a 'long dive'. When the moment of truth came, he executed a wonderful dive that made the fil-am eat dust. :)
  • Precious84Precious84 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    One of my friends in high school has a twin brother who became the grand champion of the elementary division of the quiz show, Battle of the Brains. Though he very well loved his brother and was supportive of his achievements and feats, he knew he somehow had to ease away from his brother's shadow and for his own good, stop being known as "the twin brother of" and establish a limelight of his own. Come high school, he managed to do just that on his own, little by little, step by step. During our freshman year, his brother was the first honor and he was the second honor and when sophomore year came and his famous brother became preoccupied with extracurricular activities, he overtook him in the honor standing. Come junior year, he also had some extracurricular activities of his own while still managing to maintain his honor standing. Finally in senior year, not only did he graduate as the class valedictorian, he had the highest honors as the CAT corps commander and he was also able to pass UP Diliman with his first choice course, earning lasting respect and recognition from his peers and teachers alike.
  • prosceniumproscenium PEx Rookie ⭐
    two years ago, the people in my chat room were a little disappointed with the turnout for the anniversary party that we had for the room; only a few people took the time to attend, despite the fact that we had sponsors and the event was at a pretty nice place. after a short discussion, we theorized that the anniversary party was a little ill-planned, and that it wasn't properly organized and publicized, and that this was the reason for not having more attendees. because of this turnout, one of my chat friends asked about our christmas party for that year, and the possibility of having this kind of turnout again. she volunteered to spearhead the planning committee for the christmas party, so that everything would be organized, publicized and prepared ahead of time. despite the fact that my chat friend lived in pampanga, and the party was to be held in manila, she managed to invite more people to join the planning committee and hold regular meetings with them so that everything would be updated, and she even persuaded the members of this committee to buy sun cellular sims so that it would not be that expensive to call one another during the planning process. finally the night of the christmas party came, and it was a huge success, thanks to my chat friend's determination to have a fun party with a lot of attendees. :)
  • a friend was the youngest among the family of 4. she was the most pampared among the family because she was the youngest. when his brothers and sister were already working and she was still at college. Would you believe that she's earning a lot more as compared with the eldest, she can even pay for her tution fee. Being business minded and witty among her peers was the mind set of my friend! Although pampered by the family, she learned a lot from his elder teachers! her Mom, Dad, 3 Brothers and Sister. That i think is the advantage of being the youngest...
  • We made a stageplay in high school, we chose Evita since it was popular that time. Everything were set, the costumes, the props, the actors except for the music! Our music editor misplaced it! Audience were already waiting for us. Our female director told us that the show must go on, she grabbed a microphone and the copy of the story/lyrics and sang the Evita Peron part along with my other 2 classmates for the other characters. Our female director made our play successful and she made our section proud!
  • We have a classmate who is always isolated since he acts really different maybe because he grew without his parents and other experiences when he was a child. We were assigned to form groups to do class reporting and an activity after the report. Other members has a doubt on his capabilities but when our turn came, he was one of those impressive reporters. Our report was so fun and interesting because of him. I've notice, whenever we have an activity like that, most of my classmates prefer him to be a group member.
  • A friend of mine decided to join an audition for her favorite Filipino play in school. She had been wanting all her life to be in that specific play and I even recall her saying that she would give up all her current activities if she would be given a chance to be given any role in that play.

    It so happened that even if she was not really gearing for the female lead role, she took her chances in trying out specifically for it though she was a rookie in the theater world. Since I went with her to the audition to give her support, I really saw her nervous but she proceeded nevertheless and sang and acted her heart out so much so that right after her performance, the listeners, including the director and the producer, clapped and cheered wildly.

    The director declared that after days of searching, they instantly knew that from the moment she sang and acted, they had finally found the female lead role in her. The director then afterwards approached her and asked her about her experiences in music and theater and was given a surprise of his life when she said she had never acted nor sang in public before; that it just so happened she knew the play and specifically the female lead role's character by heart and that the only thing she could hold on to was her dream of being in the play and maybe someday, performing her dream role which was that of the female character's.
  • My brother is part of the high school basketball varsity team since his second year. During grade school, he tried out but was not chosen to be part of the team. I know he was really frustrated but since he was a quiet boy he wasn’t able to vent out his frustrations. He practiced hard, participated in various sportsfests just to improve his basketball skills. He really worked his way just to be part of the high school basketball team!

    He is not the typical jock, he’s simple, quiet but very focused whenever he plays basketball. He exhibits maturity and discipline on and off the court and luckily, through god’s will, he became the captain ball during his senior year on the basketball team!
  • AdaAda Administrator PEx Moderator
    Congratulations to faerygurl! You are our week III winner. :)
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