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[Penshoppe Promo Week III] Penshoppe Speak Up! With Flair

AdaAda Administrator PEx Moderator
Tell us about a time when someone you know balanced excellent work with a bit of style that made people take notice!

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  • kiteflyerskiteflyers PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    It was the championship game in basketball in our Company's Annual Sports Event, and our team which composed of white collar job employees will played against the powerful and the defending champion team of security & janitorial personnel (who were more physically fit and much taller than us).

    Everyone considered our team to be the underdog, in fact the championship game hasn't started but our team was already considered as the runner-up. :mecry:

    In our dugout before the game, my friend who was also my teammate spoke to us, saying that we have a chance, that the ball is round, if we put our heads together and stayed focus, and give 101 percent in our capacity, we will win the championship.

    Everyone listen. :rotflmao:

    We gave a good fight and took two overtimes and at the end, we won the championship. :bop:

    Almost everyone can't believed what they saw, but I believed that if someone took the lead (with the heart and inspiration), everyone follows. *okay*
  • FUCHSIAFUCHSIA PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Some teachers, especially spinsters and if they have been teaching for a long time, are usually boring and just mouth their pieces over and over again oblivious of the student's boredom, anyway it is all in the textbook. No, no, no, not my social studies teacher! When she discusses aborigines, she was one, complete with make up and costume and language! When it came to discussing the Spaniards, she was Maria Clara personified. Not only did we listen and learn, we got envious so much so that during the subsequent classes, we were wearing costumes too! She was the one who taught me that there is fun in learning, my teacher, my idol.
  • Ever heard of old maid, sixty-something yet still single, b*tchy professors who can humiliate students bigtime like telling the whole class, "Ok class. Mga boys, wag nyong liligawan 'tong girl na 'to ah kasi simpleng tanong ko di nya masagot. Hindi sya matalino kaya di sya ideal girlfriend."?

    Well, our professor in Integral Calculus two semesters ago was one perfect example (actually, the italicized line was in fact her line!) & for the past 30+ or 40+ years of her teaching, she was one major b*tch (as most students would describe her), until she handled our class.

    One friend of mine was compiling the silly fortunes told from the "horoscope of the day" from the tabloid, Libre, pasted them on his file case (quite creative, I should say), & let us point out on our "lucky" forecast while our eyes are closed, & poof, there's our fortune told for the day. He did this to the b*tchy prof, & guess what--she just laughed out loud.

    Next, someone brought a VCD of the romantic comedy, My Sassy Girl & let our prof watch it in class with her laptop (she always brings a laptop with her) while we finish some practice exercises... & she loved it! *okay*

    Guess what--the former campus antagonist is now a sweetie to her students courtesy of those two classmates of mine who just brought in some light to her once dark (& boring & evil... haha) life... & finally, she's happy.

    (This may sound too good to be true, but you can personally go to our university & ask the people involve yourself.)
  • Precious84Precious84 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    I had been fortunate to have worked with a great liaison editor of one of the known magazines in the country.

    I remember the time when one of our correspondents ran away with the money allotted for the payment of the venue where the magazine's annual Christmas party would be held. Since as a liaison editor, she was entrusted with the responsibility of looking after the work of the correspondents, she definitely had no choice but to look into the nitty gritty details of the case at hand, face and speak with the owners of the venue and coordinate with the rest of the correspondents. Unfortunately, that was just nothing but an additional burden to her original and foremost task in the magazine as a writer/columnist who had pressing deadlines.

    My house being in front of the publishing office, I was able to observe how she managed to do everything all at once but not without smiling and looking fabulous and glamorous every single day, wearing her own created accessories and even managing to sell them to her colleagues. In a span of three years, her addictive dynamism, influential cheerfulness and captivating sense of style emotionally and physically paid off earning her the right to eventually be an editor in chief of the publishing company's new magazine.
  • Precious84Precious84 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    I had a celebrity classmate during my senior year whose erratic and busy schedule as a talk show host always seemed to endanger the time she needed to allot for class activities and projects. At the end of every semester, the professors seemed to see things in a different way as she always managed to land on the dean’s list.

    For our final exam in an oral interpretation class, she and I had the opportunity of being group mates and since preparations for our exam really required a lot of coordination with the rest of the group members and these members’ time and effort, I and the rest of the members were very much concerned on how this girl could prove true her word that she would do everything required of her and more as that semester, she was often absent from class and from some of her group meetings for previous class presentations.

    During one of our important group meetings that had to be pushed through regardless of how many attended or how many were absent, she came and just started giving her own inputs for our final presentation. The rest of us were very much dumbfounded as first, her ideas were unconventional and second, she seemed a bit inconsiderate and unmindful of her punctuality. However we also knew that we had to give her a chance as her ideas, no matter how unconventional these were, also sounded ingenious, and that we were also in dire need of ideas that had complete plans and fast.

    It was only during our final presentation when we were able to see and eventually, fully appreciate the ideas she crafted as not only did our professor gave us a flat one for a grade, our audience came not just to her for an autograph, but also to us! We later learned that in between breaks during her tapings, she busied herself composing ideas for the presentation and at the same time, mastering her lines and spiels for her show.
  • Precious84Precious84 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Last semester, I was part of the working (evening) class section in law school where students had everything in doubles - double the pressure, double the stress. The struggle was constant and
    nobody seemed to be above anyone in terms of performance especially when the time allotted for study would be eaten by the office work load - nobody except one female classmate of ours who came to school an hour before class (not late unlike most of us!), always in her "kikay" outfit and often with a smiling, relaxed face.

    To say the least, she was one of the "saviors" during class recitations who would volunteer to answer questions when everybody else were either too afraid or too unprepared . There was no distinct time when she really stood out but everyday was a testament to how she could be - constant, cool and disciplined. Not only was she able to pass the first semester of freshman year of law school with most of her grades in the line of 1, she also just recently got promoted in her office.
  • It was the year when our all-girls' high school merged with another bigger high school and my best friend was running for student council president against the majority favorite. We had a miting de avance where each candidate was given the chance to give her speech. Although she knew she had a small chance of winning, she went ahead and spoke with a strong, clear voice about how the letter L was very significant in the world as it stands for big important words like Love and Light and Life, and how she was adding another big important L by running for president -- Lallana (which was her last name then). Her speech was so impressive I knew I wasn't the only one blown away. And though she did not win the election as expected, she gained a lot of new friends and earned the respect of others.

  • my wife, when we were about to be married. my wife became my wedding coordinator and budgeting. We were on a very tight budget and borrowing money is a "no no" to us. but she was inspired to have a perfect wedding. although perfect weddings cost over 200k! we only have below 100k... So what she planned was to get married not on the metro... but on the province, which is more peaceful and a lot cheaper. She took sponsors on our event to lessen the cost and placed his friends to handle minor roles during the wedding. Her dress was made by her dressmaker and she took a descent reception area with pool. If you can imagine... she was able to cut an expected 150k budget to a 90k amount and was able to accomodate 200 people! what a savings!... the visitors was amazed on the wedding... they even expect it to cost very much... The event was PERFECT! thanks to my wife!
  • My sister works at a law firm and last year she was assigned by her officemate for their christmas presentation. She only got a few days for the preparation. Since she's a fan of the telefantaseryes, she grouped her officemates into mulawin, darna and encantadia group with matching costumes, every group must present a dance, song or drama with their telefantaserye costumes. Not only they made attorneys enchanted but also they got their bonuses! *okay*
  • AdaAda Administrator PEx Moderator
    Congratulations to FUCHSIA! You are our week III winner. :)
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