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[Penshoppe Promo Week III] Penshoppe Speak Up! With Courage

AdaAda Administrator PEx Moderator
Tell us about a time when someone you know took a stand, spoke up, and made people listen!

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  • Precious84Precious84 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    UP is both famous and infamous for rallies and activists and being a UP student, though I could be as pro-active and as vocal as them, I am one of those who opted to just find another way of expressing sentiments and opinions. Though I respect the activists, my friends and I know that they could be sometimes a bit annoying due to the known fact that they are not really the type of students to be listened to and admired as first and foremost, some of them have already extended their stay in the university mostly due to academic neglect and that they are not really practicing what they preach especially during instances that involve a whole lot of "politicking".

    One time in the middle of a very important class discussion, a student activist who went to UP ahead of me and upon my year of graduation, had still not established a "graduating status", entered the room for the customary room-to-room information dissemination regarding what they were fighting for. The professor gave him five minutes but after ten minutes or so, he sounded as if he had no intentions yet of cutting his very long and tiring discussion. Sensing that this guy didn't care even if the professor and the students were already making faces and not listening to him anymore, a friend of mine suddely stood up and politely interrupted him saying:

    "Sorry, not that I am being apathetic to what you are trying to say and not that I'm embarrassing you or anything. I just can't help but say that since you keep on complaining about deficits in the University's fund, why can't you just do your best in trying to finish your studies instead of further extending your stay here? Don't you know that the people are shelling out hard-earned money to pay taxes with the ardent hope that you could finish your studies and have your slot turned over to more deserving students?"

    Surely the guy got the message loud and clear as after my friend's speech, he apologized, said his thank you's and left the room.
  • FUCHSIAFUCHSIA PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I attended an evening affair once where the host was super harassed because the singer she hired for the event was nowhere in sight, especially since cellphones or beepers were not in then yet. :confused: She was just composing her "I am so sorry blah...speech" when someone interrupted her, a lady, one of the attendees. She fished a minus one cassette out of her evening bag, went to the DJ and with all the aplomb she could muster, introduced herself to the crowd and sang her heart out. :depressed: She was quite good and got a lot of claps from the audience. She took a stand (the microphone stand :D ), spoke up (sang actually ;) ) and made people listen (boy, did they listen, and enjoyed it too! :D )
  • werwgrtgreh
  • When my bestfriend decided to pursue the course that her folks loathed - but she loved- her father threatened to whittle down his financial support. She had to pocket many an affront hurled by him; however, she was undaunted. she took a job to meet her engagements. After years of suffering - juggling both academe and work- her efforts are slowly paying off. She landed an internship that seemed promising plus she is often invited to give seminars. Now, her dad views her field of discipline in a different light and often listens to her lectures. :)
  • makulitzmakulitz PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    It was the 3rd term of Mapua last year (Jan-March 2005) when the admin started to distribute these leaflets indicating their plan to change the name of Mapua Institute of Technology to Malayan University. My friend started to pass a blank paper in our class and encouraged us to write our name as part of opposing the said plan. At first, I thought he is not that serious on it but I was impressed on the next actions he did. He went to every organization’s domicile, talked to the officers, and told them about his plan of putting up a demonstration. And the rest was history, Feb. 14, 2005 was dubbed as “Black Valentine” where ALL Mapuans wore black shirt showing the courage of every mapuan to stand for what they believe in and fight for the glory of being a mapuan. My friend and others esp. “Gudo”, editor-in-chief of TNB at that time and their leader, were an inspiration to us as they risked their studies and chance of graduating at the institute. *okay*
  • Precious84Precious84 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    I could still very much recall how almost a decade ago, when my dad was helping fight for the preservation of Laguna Lake, he also succeeded in stopping the placing of an incinerator in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

    Our city, Sta. Rosa, is incidentally known to have the "matang tubig" or the largest underground water reserve in Laguna which is the cause why many local and foreign companies decided to set up their plants and factories there. Aside from the known damages to the environment and its contribution to air pollution, such incinerator's debris would seep in into the matang tubig eventually polluting the water reserve and in the end, the Laguna Lake.

    Being a very outspoken and brave journalist, my father gathered his friends - concerned politicians, local citizens and fellow journalists alike - and set up demonstrations after demonstrations to stop the incinerator. With no financial support or protection from anyone, he also had his articles about the incinerator published in one of the leading broadsheets in the country thus scaring away the foreign developers of the incinerator.

    To this day, many people remember and admire my father for what he had done to protect the very source of Sta. Rosa City's wealth.
  • When I was little, my eldest sister and I had an argument - she had asked me to bring down the pink gift box that was on top of the upstairs TV. I couldn't find it because there was no pink box; there was, however, a (predominantly) white one with tiny pink hearts. I kept telling her there wasn't any, but being little, I didn't think to tell her there was a white one with pink hearts instead, and being the eldest, I guess she thought she had all the right in the world to get mad. I came down with the white box to a mouthful of angry retorts from her. My other sister who was downstairs too at that time spoke up and said to her "You did say 'pink,' you know." My angry sister shut up after that.

  • a friend of mine came from a family of 6 brothers and sisters. They were not always that lucky when it comes to money. his dad and mom was very strict when it comes to health and education, although they were religious, they never prayed for wealth and riches but they only prayed for is to keep them alive to support their family. My friend was on the middle, although his parents support him with his studies, it was only minimal as compared with his parents favorites siblings (for short... api siya). When they are short of money because the other siblings are going to college, he is the one to sacrifice and stop his studies, that made him delayed during his high school days... he does not have any new gears but all used by his elder brothers. But that never put him down... When he was about to take up college, the family went broke... but his desire to be someone took charge and he rebelled and went away from his family, studied and work at the same time, until he graduated from an engineering course and passed the board exam... among the family who took engineering courses he's the only one who passed the board exams and built a name on the industry. Even if he's the least favorite for his parents, it never stop him to be someone he wants! and he will always thanked his parent for giving him life!
  • I have a classmate who is very smart and who excels in almost all of our subjects but was given a failing grade by our accountancy professor. It was given to her since the professor insisted that my classmate was the one who told us to write the formulas and the steps for the problems on our activity book in accounting. The prof forgot that before the finals, she allowed us to do so and that book was the one we used from the start of the semester.

    When our grades and classcards are given by the professor, she cried and asked the prof why she was given a failing grade but still the prof insisted her side. We knew that our classmate was innocent so we supported her in complaining and reported the case to the guidance counselors and other concerned professors. Her grade was changed and that "terror" professor was kicked out of the school not only because of our complaints but also the complaints of her past students.
  • A classmate of mine came from the rival school and on her first few weeks in our school, though she was given a warm welcome by most of our classmates, others were simply wary of her because of the school where she came from and because she was vocal of her feelings and opinions.

    Come Linggo ng Wika and preparations were very intense as activities for said event included much-awaited competitions. It so happened that though we belong to the cream section, the combination of all strong personalities in one section sounded like a bad idea as the simple conceptualization of the presentation needed for the competition was not progressing at all.

    One day in the middle of trivial arguments and disorganized inputs, my classmate who had been keeping herself from voicing her mind as she was trying to hear different sides and also because she knew people might question her knowledge of how the whole class could work due to her newness, suddenly had enough, stood up and let out words that made everybody listen:

    "If I may say something, I may not know how you guys work but from simple common sense, we all know time is running out and we will never achieve anything if one group will be insisting on something while equally remarkable inputs from individuals and from other groups will only be heard but not noted."

    She would be later known as the leader type who never failed to hear and take action of even the smallest of concerns of which became the very reason why, after only three years of stay in our school, she was elected the president of our student body. *okay*
  • AdaAda Administrator PEx Moderator
    Congratulations to makulitz! You are our week III winner. :)
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