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SEX E-d-U-c-A-t-I-o-N 101...the psych/repro health way...

guys....am starting this topic kasi feel ko lang....i ran across some notes of my reports etc in college and...since babalik na ako sa counselling biz....i'll try to post as many helpful ek eks here as i can...:)

SEXUAL DYSFUNCTIONS: problems that persist over time

DISORDERS OF THE DESIRE PHASE (desire phase: interest in sexual activity)

hypoactive sexual desire disorder refers to lack of interest in sex

sexual aversion disorder refers to disgust, repulsion, anxiety and other negative emotions toward sex (usually victims of childhood molestation, incest and ***** suffer from this)

DISORDERS OF THE AROUSAL PHASE (arousal phase: feelings of sexual pleasure accompanied by physiological changes)

erectile disorder (men)/female sexual arousal disorder (women) absence or weakness of excitement (some men get an erection and some women feel the physiological signs of excitement but do not feel aroused)

DISORDERS OF THE ORGASM PHASE (orgasm phase: phase of sexual response, the peaking of sexual pleasure triggers rhythmic contractions of the muscles in the genital region

premature ejaculation the rapidity of a man’s ejaculation interfering with the couple’s enjoyment

PAUSE TECHNIQUE – the woman stimulates the man’s penis until he feels ready to ejaculate, at which point he signals her to stop. Once the need to ejaculate subsides, they repeat the scheme. This technique gradually increases the amount of stimulation required to trigger the ejaculation response, so that eventually, the man can maintain an erection longer.

SQUEEZE TECHNIQUE – the woman squeezes the tip of the man’s penis when he feels close to ejaculation

inhibited male/female orgasm when ejaculation is greatly delayed or does not occur at all


dyspareunia pain during intercourse w/c occurs to both sexes

vaginismus a female complaint, wherein the muscles undergo involuntary spasmodic contractions when attempts are made to insert the penis



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  • ayyy sis caramba....ibang klaseng SEX ED yun....wag ganun kasi me mga bata....dapat informative lang.....(satin-satin na lang yung artistic at orgasmic side) :D
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  • Use condoms?!
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  • I never had this subject in school, kaya puro self-taught. The closest one I have was with my health subject regarding the male/female organs and informations about what happens during intercourse. Oh well.
  • hi squatter....allow this thread to enlighten you...actually, my sister (who is 14) knows a lot about sex, reproductive health and sexuality mainly because she can ask me things and i can explain them to her....i just feel that correct information is key to preventing her and her friends from Pre-marital sex this early...aside from it really being sad to have such misconceptions (like giving birth thru the *****)...no matter how old you are :)


    * sexual interests that are directed primarily toward objects other than people of the opposite sex, toward sexual acts not usually associated with coitus, or toward coitus performed under bizarre circumstances as in necrophilia, pedophilia, sexual sadism, and fetishism. Even though many find their practices distasteful, they remain unable to substitute normal sexual behavior for them

    * An emotional illness that is expressed in a form of sexual behavior of an abnormal sort; also known as sexual perversion. The sexual deviate is compelled by his inner drives to seek satisfaction through specific forms of abnormal behavior -- sadism, homosexuality, masochism, exhibitionism, nymphomania, and many other variations. Sexual deviation is considered an illness with roots in deep emotional conflicts.

    * Sexual deviation may cause legal as well as personal difficulties. Most types of deviant activity are illegal and punishable by imprisonment. However, an increasing number of judges recognize that deviation is more an illness than a crime and they refer offenders to psychiatrists for treatment of the condition. Pronounced sexual deviation is treated by psychotherapy, which attempts to uncover and resolve the unconscious sources of the deviation.

    diff types to follow.....HOMOSEXUALITY used to be classified under this, but not anymore
  • sige nga turuan nyo ako... la pa akong alam sa sex-sex na yan eh... neber bin kis, neber bin tats... :*)
  • am not sure how true it is.....i wasn't able to review my notes coz i was bothered by something all day yesterday....but...

    the average times a man's penis is UP during a day is 11 times
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    anyway, i watched on tv about this steroids thing (channel 7) which can shrivel the nads ...
  • the_Bugs....i dunno wer ur coming from....but ur obviously one of the misinformed....:)

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