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helllllppp plsssss OBAGI BLUE PEEL

can anybody help me pls! im planin to go to a diamond peel to ligthen up my acne scars but a frend told me that i should go to belo medical clinic and the obagi blue peel that they are offering is really gud.. now i juz want to know how much will it cost, if i can afford it or not cuz iont want to be goin ther for consultation then they'll ask me to have that session when i cant afford it. anybody here know??? plss help naman po!!!!


  • kapusokapuso Australian Open 2020 Participant 🎾
    25thousand ata ang blue peel! gus2 ko rin mag paganyan kaso mahal tapos parang kailgan mo muna gumait ng obagi products for a certain weeks bago ka magpablue peel e ang isang set ng obagi parang nasa 16thou!! plus may cleaning k p ata weekly n pwedeng magcost ng 1thou a week! hay ang mahal sa belo....
  • wow sobrang mahal pla yung scars ko naman d ganun ka lalim by usin papaya soap nga d sha visble pag d talga nilapitan ng tingin yung muka ko but shempre i still want to look good lalo na pauwi yung wife ko ngayung may e ang hilig pa man den nun titigan ako sa muka hayyyy any advice diamond peel kaya ok lang??? mas mura yun eh tnx sa reply kapuso

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