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nisend saken to ni moon_sabine, kso konti lang nareceive kong replies nung niforward kow! answer naman kayo oh!


1. What time is it? 8:40 am

2. Name as it appears on your birth certificate: if ill tell you, ill kill you!

3. Nicknames: ruthie, baby ruth, jeng, potchie, rowt, rotten

4. Parent's names: leopoldo and rebecca

5. Number of candles that appeared on your last
birthday cake? 18 pink candles!

6. Date that you regularly blow them out? blow wut? ah the candles? 3 feb

7. Pets: arowana, andun sa cel ko!

8. Height: 5'10 baket?!?

9. Eye color: RED! eheheh!! white sya na me black sa gitna, sayo ba iba?

10. Hair Color: dark brown

11. Piercing: one on each

12. Tattoos: kiss mark na lang kaya? ;) madame ako nun! guto mo gawa kita?

13. How much do you love your job: wut job? *****?!?!:D

14. Birthplace: hospital, kaw san ka ba pinanganak? ;)

15. Hometown: manila

16. Current Residence: manila

17. Had the drink Calypso Breeze?: wut the hell? cocktail drink ba yan?
18. Been in love before?: hell yeah!

19. Been to Africa?: nope, dadalin mo ba ko dun?

20. Been toilet-papering?: palagi nga eh!:D

21. Been drunk: who?!? me?!? shino lasheng?!

22. Been toilet-papered? kayo ba hinde?!? :D

23. Loved somebody so much it made you cry?: hell yeah! huhuuhhh.. lagi naman eh!

24. Been in a car crash?: nope, but planecrash! thank god i survived!

25. Croutons or Bacon? bacon bits

26. 2 doors or 4 (on a car): three? :D

27. Sprite or 7 Up: 7 up! ay teka, sponsor pala ng pex, sige sprite na lang! magpakatotoo kah!

28. Coffee or Coffee Ice cream: coffee ice cream

29. Blanket or Stuffed Animal: human blanket!

30. Dumper or Dumpee: uhmmm...

31. Salad Dressing: million islands?

32. Color of socks: blue, white, black and my fave, shocking RED!

33. Number: 8, 3, 69(?!?)

35. Place to be kissed: down there! heheheh!!

36. Movie: back to the future, X-men (gwapo ni cyclops!), titanic (mukhang titanic si kate winslet!)

37. Quote from a movie: "youre a d*ck!" - wolverine

38. Favorite Holiday: my birthday!

39. Foods: italian.. pizza, pasta, chocolates, d*ck! hheheh!! joke lang!

40. Day of the Week: friday and saturday

41. Song at the moment: one night by the corrs

42. TV show: eat bulaga! solid! heheehh!!

44. Word or Phrase: ***** that! pukingting ah! ***** i wannah *****! talk to my lawyer! natatae ako!

46. Toothpaste: close up

47. Restaurant: kainan sa looban, and tai woo! heheh!! tia marias(!?!?), italianis ni rayos!

48. Flower: blue rose on the orgran, tulips on the piano.. you know wuts next!

49. Least favorite subject: math

50. Alcohol drink: hard drinker ako.. tequila (ehehehe!!! afir my bespren!) i dont drink beer, sorry..

51. Sport to Watch: billiards, basketball, swimming, sex

52. Type of Ice cream: chocolate flavored

53. Zoo Exhibit: wut the ****?!?

54. Sesame Street Character: cookie chua, este monster!, elmo (i like the name!), ernie (pareho daw kameng tumawa sabi ng mga friendly friends kow!)

55. Disney/Warner Bros.: walt bros. ;) warner bros! wuts up doc?

56. Fast Food Restaurant: mcdo (nakita lang kitang may ngiti sa mata..),wendy's

57. When was your last hospital visit? nung nagpaaabort ako.. that was last week! ehehehe!!

58. Favorite drink?: RTO

59. What color is your bedroom's carpet? ala eh!

60. What was the name of your childhood blanket? pillow na lang.. si TABA!

61. How many times did you fail your Permit and/or Drivers
License test? never! never took it pa! :D but i know how to drive men! eheheh!!

62. What do you think of Ouija boards?: *ABAH FREAKY!* eheheh!!

63. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? in my husband's arms

64. Who is the last person that you got mail from? MTV, oh ha! close kame ng MTV!

65. Have you ever been convicted of a crime?: nope, malapit na!

66. Which single store would you choose to max your
credit card?: dami ko na nga utang eh! hmmm.. lemme think.. tower records? mango?

67. What do you do most often when you are bored?: kelan ba ko nabored? i can enjoy myself! eheheh!! log in or soundtrip..

68. What words or phrases do you overuse: *****, *****, oh! yes! yes! faster! faster! :evilgrin: la lang..

69. Name the person that you are friends with that
lives the farthest away from you: donald duck

70. Most annoying thing is: dad preaching!

71. Best thing: gimik na naman!

72. Bedtime: depends, weekdays 11 or 12, weekends, 7 am

73. Who will respond to this fastest? kung sino unang nakakita.. kung sino me time

74. Who is the person you sent that is least likely to
respond? SoK?!?

75. What time is it now? 8:50 pm (hala! di na ko nakapasok sa skul! gabi na! eheheh!!)

yes of course, i knew it, you wannah sleep with me..

im rotten..


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