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Does your school have a radio station?

A lot of campuses in the United States have in-school "radio stations," where music can be played for the general studentry. Does your school have one?

If yes:
1) What music does your school radio station play?
2) Where can your fellow students hear your school radio station (Cafeteria? Hallways during breaks? In classrooms?)?
3) Are you a DJ on this school radio station?
4) Do you like the music your school radio station plays?

If not:
What's stopping you from having one?!

Speak your mind! Play your music!


  • La Salle had a radio station back then. It was called The Lasallian Radio. It was supposed to be on 86.5 or 87.3 FM, di ako sure. Pero yung thing na sure ako is nawala yung Radio station ng La Salle after some time cause it interfered with the signals of other radio stations. Yun lang po alam ko, kasi nung time na nangyari yang Lasallian Radio eh wala pa ako :D Nakwento lang sa amin yan :D
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