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BMW's Z4 Coupe!

here is the link, i would transfer it but its 7 pages of info. but here is a teaser.
The BMW Z4 M Coup? is a sports car for very special moments ? moments the driver may well experience every kilometre, every mile on the road. Uncompromising, purist, and extremely powerful, this two-seater offers an unparalleled experience of undiluted dynamism both in everyday traffic and on the race track. Without doubt, its prize-winning 3.2-litre straight-six M power unit developing maximum output of 252 kW/343 hp offers performance of the highest conceivable standard.

Again seven pages of info. teaser and link

The new car was thrilling to behold from the very first moment ? and now this thrilling encounter is confirmed in full by the actual driving experience: The BMW Z4 Coup? is setting out to give the friends and aficionados of two-seater sports cars a truly unique experience on the road. Right from the start, the BMW Z4 Coup? Concept Car presented at the 2005 Frankfurt Motor Show successfully aroused emotions, a feeling of desire, and great expectations


  • shun_sakurai
    shun_sakurai when in doubt, FLAT OUT!
    ...In related news, BMW is releasing a Z4 Roadster 2.0i, lowering the entry point to Z-car ownership. No word on whether it's coming to our shores, however.

    And yep, I did hear they'd be using the 3.2L "S54" (?) engine from the old M3, among other power units.

    Methinks they probably got threatened by the Porsche Cayman S (which is in turn a faster tin-top version of the Boxster).
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