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RPG Maker 2000 for the PC

I still haven't played and finished any RPG game in the pc. As for the playstation, my feats in RPGs are legenday!! :D Hmmm.. it's a good thing you brought this up cause I want to try playing an RPG game in the pc. Thanks!! :cool:


  • Is there anyone here who likes RPGs? Have you ever tried playing Dungeons and Dragons or a similar type of game? Have you ever tried playing an RPG and getting disappointed at the ending?

    Try RPG Maker! But I must warn you, it'll take months to get an entire 30-hour RPG to be fully playable, I've already started on mine and I still haven't even finished the first town. Try it out peeps!
  • No no! RPG Maker is not a game... it's a game-making program... you get to decide your own RPG... if you want to play PC RPGs, I suggest that you try Baldur's Gate or Diablo II.
  • Where can I find a copy?
  • Oh wow... been a long time since I last saw this thread... well, I don't know where you can find it on the net since the site where I got it from has been down for months now... I do have a copy, but it's 15 Megs and I don't have a CD writer... it's well worth it though, to be able to create your own RPG... graphics are like RPGs for the SNES...
  • Is that the 95 or 2000 version?
  • ei exchange tayo rpgs :D
    saya un :)
  • I need to have RPG Maker.
  • Lucca: I have the 2000 version, they say it's better than the 95 version but I haven't tried the latter so I really can't say which is better. I'll try to find a link or something and I'll post it here or message you when I've found something.

    It's not easy to make RPGs, took me a week to make a 30 minute RPG, I had to design everything: the towns, people, each and every house and room, the stores, the dialogue, and the important events. With a bit of work though, you can have a cool RPG. There are weather effects (such as rain, snow, fog, etc.), you can adjust the lighting to simulate daytime and nighttime, you can create your own tilesets for your use. I was cooking up a plot in my mind while I waited for someone to create modern tilesets (characters, faces, towns, monsters, etc.) but the site where I get my tilesets disappeared. Since then my RPG has been put on hold...
  • I finally got it. I'm making something right now, it's called "Attack of the RPG Stereotypes". I'm serious, man.
  • i have some questions:
    is this some kind of emulator???
    how do you create your own rpg??
    is it like C programming???
    can you test/play the game you made on your pc??

  • Lucca: Good luck! It takes a lot of hard work and dedication, also plan out everything so there won't be any holes in the plot, level design, etc. I have a lot of good plots in mind but I just don't have the time to execute them.

    raikou: It's a bit hard to explain, it's kinda like Visual Basic programming... it's not an emulator...
  • Hey, I just found out iDraw's pretty good in making sprites.
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