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LTFRB: Phaseout of old buses still on


The riding public could be just taken for a ride, literally, by the conflicting announcements of the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board on the phaseout of 15-year-old buses, those rickety and smoke-belching relics that continue to ply Metro Manila streets.

On Thursday board chairman Maria Elena Bautista said that the board will, after all, push through with the planned phaseout of aging buses despite an order from the Department of Transportation and Communications stopping it from conducting an inventory of the buses.

Bautista said that the board could continue with the phaseout even without the inventory because it keeps records of all vehicles registered in the country.

The board, as expected, got the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority as its ally.

The MMDA, which is at loggerheads with almost all Metro Manila mayors, particularly on the issue of traffic management, is supporting the phaseout.

Ramon Santiago, director of the MMDA-Traffic Operations Center, said the ban is a good move because it will protect the commuters and the environment.

In fact, Santiago said, the phaseout could address the worsening traffic congestion in Metro Manila because thousands of buses will be removed from the highways.

Bautista explained that the transportation department only suspended the inventory being conducted by the board but not Department Order 2002-030 issued on August 19, 2002, that called for the phaseout.

The inventory requires operators to submit a list of their units so that the board could identify which buses will be included in the reduction plan.

On January 17 the DOTC ordered Bautista to stop the process indefinitely.

Bautista maintained, however, that the DOTC order still stands and that the board will continue the process as part of the effort to modernize the public transport system for the benefit of millions of commuters in the country, particularly in Metro Manila.


  • ^^ Hope that this will happen... enough of the old buses...
    source of pollution... and I hate it...
  • there's a little improvement so far 'coz we could see a few old buses.
  • stepehenyan@12[email protected] PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    phasing out of aged buses should comply with the clean air act. other problems of aged buses is that could be accident prone to bus passengers.
  • i hope that the CLEAN AIR ACT should be strictly implimented.

    yup, the risk of accident from these old buses.
  • yup, the risk of accident from these old buses.

    The main problems regarding saftey are the dangerous drivers in control of any bus,new or old.
  • bastebaste PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    bus, jeep, taxi... sama na nila lahat yan....
  • not an old buses only, did we know that most of them were considered as garbage from developed countries? Japan and S. Korea would rather send them somewhere else than to spend more in keeping them.
  • pati yung mga Love Bus??

  • ^was built by Hino exclusively for Metro Mla Bus comp. under marcos regime
  • "The main problems regarding saftey are the dangerous drivers in control of any bus,new or old."

    Well, you have to blame the government AND THE UNDISCIPLINED COMMUNTERS for the lack of safety of these bus drivers rin.

    if only our buses are SCHEDULED (like in hongkong) or government owned (like in n. america) edi mga bus drivers/ conductors, hindi kailangan mag agawan ng pasahero.

    edi hindi nila kailangang lumihis from the right lane out then back to the right lane, OR hindi nila kailangan magpatakbo ng 100kph sa roads like commonwealth para lang maka agaw ng pasahero.

    as for commuters,

    if only they'd ride and go off buses sa mga BUS STOPS.
  • the best nyan eh ilipat ang kalahati ng metro population sa country sides. kung pwede lang...
  • In HK there are only about 3-4 franchises on all the bus routes, subject to very strict regulation. No bus leaves the garage if it has a spot of soot, rust, or grease anywhere on its body ("marks of obsolescence"). Stops are at designated areas only, any pedestrian who dismounts elsewhere will be fined on the spot.

    No chance of that happenning in MManila.
  • naisip ko lang.

    what if we just have one transport authority that will control all forms of mass transportation in Metro Manila similar to the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) and the New York City Transit Authority? do you think it will work in a place like Metro Manila?
  • The biggest problem w/ old buses, is POLLUTION.

    The LTFRB has tightened their rules & implementation against smoke belchers, but every now & then, you get to see those buses who seem like a Squid throwing ink by the way they belch pollution into the air, ESPECIALLY at NIGHT.

    The phase out of old buses will, hopefully, solve that problem.
  • BusilakBusilak PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    The new MRT and LRT lines will help.
  • CrusherCrusher PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    This so-called phase out is just a camouflage. There is a group of businessmen who want to increase their fleet of buses but cannot because the "inventory" of buses on the streets are at maximum already. So, in order for these men to put more buses, some buses on the streets have to be taken away first.

    Do you really think that there is a government agency who cares about the people more than they care about their pockets being lined with money?
  • tama, tanggalin na yang bus na ya na maraming ipis :lol:
  • Juan Plus OneJuan Plus One PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    oks ako dyan, tanggalin na yung mga kinakalawang...sama na yung mga kinakalawang dyan sa malakanyang.
  • dapat eh matagal na etong ginawa.. sa totoo lng eh etong mga old buses are major contributors to the air pollution in metro manila.

    and isa pa, phasing them out will improve our tourism kse cyempre sino ba ang may gusto makakita, and more makasakay, sa mga nanlilimahid na mga bus.
  • so far we are seeing new buses already, but still there are some old buses.

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