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HSBC Alabang...

what are the positions open?

besides csr's po...

is there an admin position?

thanks in advance.... :bashful:


  • cowboytunacowboytuna I'm on SMS PExer
    oo nga, sana may IT din :D
  • gothiCATgothiCAT gettin by... PExer
    kelly larson i love you... :)
  • Pot²Pot² Insomiac PExer
    Me thread na HSBC dito a. Look for it na lang.
  • bechaymorenobechaymoreno Member PExer
    i was asking people about HSBC HDPP since i plan to apply there. apparently, there are nasty rumors which i've heard about the employees such as: the la salle scandal chick works there!

    then the stories of indescent acts also came out ha! well, i think naman in all call centers, there are stories like these.

    coincidentally, i was searching some blogs last night about the company and read this post -- this single girl, who has a daughter, snatched a guy from his gf! as in she was living in with the guy (her officemate pa) while the guy was with the gf pa! gosh. tindi yung post ha. it was written by the ex-gf! ang masama dun, this "mang-aagaw" was super yabang pa when the ex talked to her! ang sasama ng mga pinagsasabi nya dun sa ex kesyo "yes, i'm sleeping in his's not my fault" to that effect...

    happy ending though because the supposedly "mang-aagaw" (i forget the name -- sally ba? from operations i think) and the guy are together na. but how can they live with it?

    how can HSBC tolerate this!
  • DI10DI10 Member ✭✭✭
    bechaymoreno... can u save those kinda stuff for either abante or taliba?
  • kaye_taraykaye_taray The Queen Biatch PExer
    well as you've said it... those are rumors... anyway, i don't think you'd be making sure before applying in any company that there are no scandals or "nasty rumors" about employees' snatching other people's husbands or wives... i think it's very lame for you to base your judgment on a company on the blogs you're reading... you don't even know the blog-owner in person!! what made you think it's all true and she's not just trying to save face or something... well, i guess the company is better off without someone like you or would you rather prove that you're worth carrying the name of the company... think about it...

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