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2006 Homecoming

To all Past Pupils of Don Bosco Makati.

We just concluded the homecoming last Sat. 21 January. To the alumni who attened, may we know your comments on the homecoming. Were you satified just wasted you time?

And to those who do not attend, any reasons why you don't attend homecomings?

I hope this discussion may guide the future hosts of the homecoming.


Bobby D.
DBTI Batch '81


  • Enjoy din naman. I wouldn't say I wasted my time dahil andaming nangyari. Bitin nga lang yung oras dahil natapos ng maaga. :D
  • I'm sorry but I've never attended any homecomings yet before. What do you guys do? Do they provide free food and booze? Also, how can I get an alumni card? I lost mine years back.
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