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Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket?

Hello, I have been reading this book for ages! I am already in book 10 and recently just finish reading Lemony Snicket: anuthorized biography. Honestly, I think he himself wrote this book. It sounds like and the book is not even about his real life. It's more of the explanations of his book.

Does anyone here find this book interesting and does anyone here ever read this book? What do you think? Can you compare this book to Harry Potter? Do you think it's much better?

I hope someone will reply co'z I would love to talk about my fave book and I would like to hear your comments and opinions. Thanks PO!!


  • ^ IMHO, The Series of Unfortunate Events (SOUE) is an easy read. HP is more complicated than SUE. And LOTR is the most complex of them all. In other words, they are of different levels. :)

    For the SOUE, I was so "asar" with Count Olaf and the dense characters of the series. But even with all these, I was still hooked by the books (it must be the quality of the paper haha).

    Well, Lemony Snicket is a fictional character created by Daniel Handler, the author. He originally used the name as a pseudonym but then decided to incorporate it as a character when he started writing the series.
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