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Help support a startup literary website by contributing satirical articles

Nonfic is an online periodical that publishes lists, news reports, essays, and other works of nonfiction. Well, at least that's what we intend it to be.

It's actually a website that pretends to be a newsmagazine and a literary publication. If you the visit the main page, it doesn't look much since we only have less than 10 posts in our archives.

That's why Nonfic needs your help.

In the next 2 months, we plan to fill up our folders with satirical articles written by our visitors. In the following weeks, our editorial offices will gladly accept the following:
  • lists
  • news reports
  • advice, opinion & editorial columns
  • essays
  • letters
  • poetry
  • book reviews
  • reviews of films, albums, gadgets (actually, anything)
  • interviews
The sole requirement for your submissions: don't take it seriously. Articles need not be 'funny' in a literal sense; they could be ironic, absurd, or just plain weird.

Send your articles to contribute at nonfic dot com. Hihintayin namin kayo! :D


  • Alt+Ctrl+DelAlt+Ctrl+Del PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    We also need a name for the website. Right now it's just Nonfic, but we want to make it sound as highfalutin and pretentious as possible. The word Nonfiction must be included in the official name.

    Send your suggestions to the email address listed above.
  • hm, pede ba cartoons and bizarre photomanips?
  • saw your website. sana naman may info kung sino sino kayo.
  • Alt+Ctrl+DelAlt+Ctrl+Del PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Lucca Yamazaki: Right now, we only accept written articles. We might publish digitally manipulated photographs as an accompaniment to our articles, and perhaps a regular comic strip or two; however, these would probably not happen in the near future.

    (Btw, your Kim Jong Il photo is still with me.)

    lone_gunmen: For your convenience, I have included a small masthead in our About page.
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