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Car lease program

Like in the US, $269/month for 3 years & $2000 down..
Will we ever get a lease program??


  • GreatBop
    GreatBop Beerhand Gets Big Pots
    Nope. i doubt it. if we dont have one by now, we wont have one in the near future.

    btw, hindi lang naman yan ang babayaran mo eh. May certain allowable mileage lang for your car. tapos anything over, they charge you extra for it.
  • meron na lease program ang BMW phil.

    Most pinoys isn't to open for leasing because of the filipino mentality na sayang yung binabayaran nila and in the end they don't get to own the car plus the restrictions on upgrading stuff for the car.
  • GreatBop
    GreatBop Beerhand Gets Big Pots
    well i guess bmw really is goinf fter the social climbers, eh?! mga walang pera na gustong magpasikat.
  • What is the advantage of leasing a car in the first place?
  • GreatBop
    GreatBop Beerhand Gets Big Pots
    well it's like RENTING a CAR.

    advantage are things like you have a new car every 4 or 5 years. so la ka nang problem sa pag maintenance ng older cars..

    and you can drive a more expensive car than what you could otherwise afford, diba?

    it's not a good deal pag sa mga people that takes care of their car's mileage.
    or those who do take very good care of their car, etc.
  • joeldcloser
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    rational wrote:
    What is the advantage of leasing a car in the first place?
    Avantage of leasing:
    1)36-39 mos. best terms,if you're a type person who like to change cars every 2-3 years.2)If you have a business,tax deductable.3)dont like enormous/expensive maitenance(after 4-5 years of owning the vehicle).4)Cheaper payments,atleast 20-25% less than a regular financing.5)If you like luxury vehicles....leasing is the best option!
  • i think leasing is more used sa pinas with corporations. some companies consider cars more of a liability than asset.

    leasing is great if you want a car you can't afford, you want to replace your car every two to three years (like how joeldcloser said), maintanance comes included sometimes in the package, or if you travel a lot and you're not sure where you'd be a few months down the road.

    i don't think buying a car outright is a bad Pinoy attitude. its actually something to ponder since it may cost more but you end up having a property. pero its not always the case.
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