BIG BIKES ANYONE? "Toys for the big boys"

Greetings to all big bike lovers! Just wanna know tips on what to look for in buying a 2nd hand bike. And maintenance cost concerns. Comments and suggestion on Honda CBR 400 or 600 or even maybe 750cc cuz dont know what kind to get. Please also include performance level and gas consumption!!!! By the way model 95 above would be nice...Thanks in advance :naughty:


  • morrissey_05morrissey_05 suntoucha! PExer
    what to look for? the engine should be in good if not pristine condition. it should sound good. also no signs of crash. i can tell you more if you want.

    maintenance - its hard to find a good trustworthy mechanic, so choose well. parts are widely available in shops in caloocan.

    cbr 400 or 600? depends on the model. if its a cbr 400, thats the inline machine. pretty dependable. the cbr 600 have newer versions which cost around 500k. but they are great bikes

    alang cbr 750 ata. cb 750 meron. that's what i ride now.

    performance on an inline is superb, also bec its a honda. gas is definitely lower than most cars. it also depends on how you ride it.

    my advice, try to mount the bike you plan to buy and see if you are comfortable. if you can, test ride it.
  • xtrmshooterxtrmshooter shOOter PExer
    Dude thanks for the tip. I think i might go for the 400 or 750 cz the 600 is way off my budget. My only doubts about the 750cc is its' fuel cosumption. By the way do you know anyplace here within metromanila that sells reasonable priced 2nd hand motorcycles prefarrably honda. Anywayz thats one cool ride you've got....ka ingit naman!!! Have you tried riding from rizal to laguna with it? Will the 400cc be a smooth ride in roads like "bituka ng manok" somewhere around baras i think. And will it be able to keep up with the 750cc like yours? Thanks in advance....
  • garygamogarygamo Member PExer
    hi xtrmshooter,
    check out

    andyan lahat ng kailangan mo malaman bago ka bumili ng motor...
  • blakedaddyblakedaddy Moderator PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    are you a newbie?
  • morrissey_05morrissey_05 suntoucha! PExer
    actually, as of now, my Honda CB750 is on sale. PM me for details :)
  • xtrmshooterxtrmshooter shOOter PExer
    *peace* Thanks pare(garygamo) this is a cool site for bikers!!!!Yeah im a newbie in big bikes, but i've tried driving them once in a while when i get a chance with friends. I have my own bike but its an underdog 150cc so thats why its about time to shift to a biger bike. Malimit me out of town and gas cosumption sa car medyo mabigat and the fact of a different feeling and atitude when riding one. *peace*

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