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How would you know the gender of someone in the forum?

Hello! i hope you would participate in this thread because we have a thesis about this one. So, once again, how would you know the gender of someone participating in a forum besides asking the person?


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    absolutely not by their nick you would know the gender of a person esp here in PEx, coz you know dami na nagkakamali "...almost everyone thought i was a girl just by looking at my nick!" (they are proven wrong!)

  • QuentinQuentin PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    by the way they post perhaps ... males can be chauvinistic ... :devil: ... females can be subtle ... except for somebody i know
  • i agree with Quentin's idea, but that can sometimes still be deceptive. ewan ko, basta alam ko marami na ako nabiktima regarding their gender. parati mali hula ko :lol:
  • well, do you think you will know the gender of the people in the forum by the way they REACT to the subject? Like some are prank, replies with long msgs, etc. what do you think people?
  • AdaAda Administrator PEx Moderator
    Generally, I think girls tend to be more emotional, open and flowery in their replies. Guys tend to be more direct, aloof, and warfreaks. :lol: Kidding. It's hard to tell really. I've always believed I could tell the girls from the guys judging from the way they write but a number of members have already proven me wrong. The best forum to find out if a member is male or female would be the Love, Family and Friends forum. Watch out for statements like "According to my boyfriend yadda yadda..." or "My girlfriend tells me yadda yadda..." I just assume the member's heterosexual. :D
  • Through the ASL threads. :lol:

  • hirap niyan!
    dami ko na ngang na biktima e. :*)


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