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airgun shooting range

kwago_9kwago_9 Member PExer
good day to all,
i would like to inquire if there are any shooting ranges here in rp for airgun users,
i've recently acquired an airgun and i'm very excited to try out some practice shooting.
thanks v much :)


  • TypeRmanTypeRman Member PExer
    there are lots of teams playin airsoft wargames=)

    duno if its open for public...
  • rage_withinrage_within no angel PExer
    anybody who is interested in buying of my arrovo 100-peso bills (collectors' item)????

    interested party may text me at 09209105813 to place his or her bid.i have 14 remaining bills.

    dude, try to post something that's relevant to the topic.
  • MokkoriMokkori Moderator PExer
    dude, try to post something that's relevant to the topic.

    Yup... and such posts are deleted! Thanks for the heads up! *okay*
  • mc_316mc_316 SparTang ✭✭
    TypeRman wrote:
    there are lots of teams playin airsoft wargames=)

    duno if its open for public...

    Pre, clear mo muna, baka airgun as in yung co2 gun with .177 or .22 caliber nag tinutukoy nya hehe. Baka dalhin nya yun sa airsoft sites eh mapahiya lang.;)
  • kwago_9kwago_9 Member PExer
    hello po.
    my airgun is an armscore air rifle co2 gun po. do any of you know where i can get some target practice done?
    thanks for the replies. :)
  • rage_withinrage_within no angel PExer
    question... kelangan pa ba ng gun license ang mga air guns?

    i'm planning to buy one pagkauwi ko next week. i've been seeing these (C02) air guns sa Hahn outlets kasi before ako umalis. ano pwede n'yong i-recommend na magandang brand and model?

  • darwin25darwin25 Member PExer
    Hi. Im a gun enthusiast and a practical shooter. You dont need a license to own airguns. As for the shooting range, You can bring them to any shooting range near you but backyard shooting will be ok as long you have adequate backstop. And also acknowledge that the rules about gun safety also apply to airguns.

    As for the available brands, there a lots of choices really. For backyard shooting and plinking, Armscor will do. PB Dionisio also sells CZ piston powered rifles. For competition, there are Rogunz and then there are the really expensive Feinwerkbau.
  • mc_316mc_316 SparTang ✭✭
    No need for a license for airguns pero you still need to have it registered. Pero dun na rin magapaparehistro sa kung san mo binili yung airgun;)
  • rage_withinrage_within no angel PExer
    many thanks guys.
  • danielcpdanielcp Member PExer
    i bought my airgun four years ago. wala akong makitang "commercial" airgun range. I went to UP DCMT (aka ROTC) once, but never went back. Ang dumi nga shooting range nila.

    Pumunta rin ako noon sa isang firearms shooting range, sa basement ng Makati Cinema Square, pero napahiya lang ako dahil akala ng mga staff doon ay nagbibiro lang ako.
  • Naruto KunNaruto Kun Member PExer
    Sabi nila meron daw sa Amoranto sports sa Q.C. Haven't tried it though.
  • wooferswoofers I love Aina PExer
    ADMU has a Rifle & Pistol Team (ARPT). Perhaps you can inquire with them.

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