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Sick & Dying Family member see something...

tigacaintatigacainta PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
10 yrs ago my lolo spent his last days on bed at home...... at night i always hear him shooing away or sometimes angrily cursing unseen beings......

4 yrs ago my wife's lola.....spent his latter days on her tita's hse..... her aunt nags about how my wife lola......keep talking and seeing is long dead lolo inside the room every time...... her lola would even shout out his lolo's name not to 'sundo her coz she's not dying yet"

Now my uncle...... who's now in the hospital battling cancer and many complications.....see also many unseen beings inside his hospital room......much to the spookiness of his tired and lack of sleep wife.... he even points it out ......sino yan nakatayo sa likod mo? ...... sino yun tumakbo sa CR........ sino yun nakasilip sa pinto ng kwarto ?..... kahet wala naman talaga?....

Ano kaya ito......normal ba sa dying person yun may nakikita ?


  • ArchimedesArchimedes PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    well kahit my old lola who had a heart attack also sees her spiritual mother and siblings in her room too. Even my friends story about their sick grandparents being visited by their dead relatives in their rooms

    One more thing, when a sick grandparent says na kukunin na ako o mamatay na ako next week, more often than not, it would not come true and he/she will still live longer as shown by the experiences of my friends and me . :)
  • when you get that feeling, like you feel that your the world is rushing you to your death....... you see things...
  • tigacaintatigacainta PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    when you get that feeling, like you feel that your the world is rushing you to your death....... you see things...


    How'd you known that ?? By Experience ?? ...... " na 50-50 ka na ba ? "
  • ^^

    the whole God maketh mad whom he wisheth to destroy sort of thing...

    me got in there a while back...
  • rayzlerayzle PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    my grandpa was sick in the hospital and he's in a very critical condition... just like waiting for few hours of his time. my mother noticed him saying names of his dead friends and relatives
  • Sounds like near-death experiences. They're quite common although, as yet, there's no scientific basis for them. There are quite a number of sites available online discussing these. ;)
  • We had thought that my mom would be discharged from the hospital since she was getting better after her nth heart attack in 1994, but when she woke me up one night and pointed at something and said "Daddy", I'd thought she wouldn't.

    My dad died in 1990, and 3 days after the "Daddy" incident, my mom had a massive heart attack and died.
  • ^ Hmmm... now there might be something to that.

    Usually I would say that it could be just a psychological hallucination that people close to death experience because they are very weak or fatigued and the mind clings to the dearest memories.

    But if your mom was feeling better and was not in a fatigued state and still saw something, then it might really be that people whose time is near really do have closer contact with the spirit world.
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