Background Check

hi! i applied at people support and had my final interview last week...

the interviewer told me that i passed and that they will have background check this week and expect a call from them for job offer...

one of my character references told me yesterday that he received a call from people support and asked several questions about me..

but until now, no calls yet from ps... does that mean i failed the background check? if yes, what could be the reason? i have been working with my present company for years and never had any sanction and have a good reputation...

or should i wait more? do they really have to talk to the 3 character references i gave?

pls help!


  • phoebedwtlphoebedwtl Member PExer
    same thing with me. i applied at teleperformance and they were asking for my former tl's #, and i remember that i wrote it on their application form. and i told them i forgot which is true and then they even asked for the hr's #. i told them i forgot my cel phone at home.
    which is so true.
    anu bayan? imbestigahan daw ba ako!
  • JeffreyKoJeffreyKo Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    I was a PS employee and prior to the job offer, PS had to call two of my previous bosses. Three days after the verification had been completed, I then received the phone call from PS informing me about the job offer. Worry not.
  • yacarobyacarob Member PExer
    thanks so much guys... maybe they have not talked to my boss yet who is very busy these past days..

    hope you understand why i feel such... i have filed my resignation already and is looking forward to have a career in this industry and hopefully that would be at people support...
  • enid_warrenenid_warren In search of lost time PExer
    yacarob....hi! dont worry...the hr peeps are doing their best to call up each applicant's character references...and believe me there are tons of them to call if they have not completed your character references...please be patient, also it would help if you call up hr and give another number where they can reach your boss... or sometimes they would call you up for that info... :D
  • yacarobyacarob Member PExer
    thanks so much! they already called yesterday afternoon... they have been calling since wednesday pa pala... too bad i always missed their calls...

    the hr peep who called me up asked for my availability so she can sked me for job offer..

    hay.. THANK GOD!

    im very excited to be a PS employee....
  • enid_warrenenid_warren In search of lost time PExer
    hey congrats! see you around! :D

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