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Best Book of Poems by Filipino Poets

i've been reading novels for a long time. now i wanna try poems.

what's your favorite book from a Filipino poet?


  • ^^ The Ophelia A. Dimalanta Reader
  • Promising Lights by DM Reyes.

    for tagalog, i'd recommend anything by Cirilo Bautista, Teo Antonio, Virgilio Almario (Rio Alma) and Gemino Abad.
  • crocopiecrocopie PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Allan Poppa.

    Dude, if you want to get into poetry, read the stuff aloud. Be sensitive to the unusual, and pay attention to the form.
  • the gaze by arvin abejo mangohig

    but of course im biased

    akin yun eh
  • kung baga sa bigas by jose lacaba
  • Cirilo Bautista's Sugat ng Salita, Charts

    Ricardo de Ungria's - Decimal Places and Waking Ice

    Marjorie Evasco's - Ochre Tones

    Kung Ibig Mo - compilation of love poetry by women writers edited by Marjorie Evasco and Benilda Santos

    Minatamis na Pag-Ibig Atbp. - Joi Barrios

    :) Hmm, medyo old na pala ang mga books na ito. I don't know if they still have it in print...
  • nozmailnozmail PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Getting Real by Geminio H. Abad.
    Makata sa Cellphone by Frank Rivera.

  • "jolography" by paolo manalo
    "bruise" by ramon sunico
    "blood sacrifice" by ma. luisa igloria
    "nakatanim na granada ang diyos" by rebecca a?onuevo
    "kilometro zero" by eugene evasco
    "waking ice" by ricky de ungria
    "sunlight on broken stones" by cirilo bautista
    "maari" by alan popa
    "pagsiping sa lupain" and "paghipo sa matang-tubig" by roberto a?onuevo
    "una kong milenyum" by rio alma

  • Danton Remoto's Black Silk Pajamas and Skin, Voices, Faces are good ones to start with. The cadence of the words is easy to follow and the descriptions are simple yet striking.

    Others I can recommend for you to start with:

    Kung Ibig Mo: A compilation of Love Poetry by Women
    Ochre Tones by Marjorie Evasco
    Any poetry collection by Joi Barrios and Marjorie Evasco
    The Sorrows of Water by J. Neil Garcia (This in particular is one of my favorites!)
    Any poetry collection by Lourd Ernest de Vera and ...I forgot the first name of the author but his last name is Gulle. *turns red*

    When you're done with that you can then move to the big guns like Cirilo Bautista and Ricardo de Ungria.

    Enjoy! :)
  • yes, isa rin yan sa mga favorite ko, yung "the 25th fly" ni ramil digal gulle.
  • nozmailnozmail PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    just found this book in my cabinet. did not even remember where i bought this. but i remember some goods poems.

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