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Chevrolet Optra Wagon

Feedback please..

anybody know the specs? thanks.

me just curious :D


  • slamm
    slamm runnin on empty
    Havent seen it yet in person or driven it but the local Chevy dealer support and feedback i've gotten from Optra 1.6L sedan owners (gas guzzler, reliability problems, poor resale) is enough to make me look away from it. :(

    AFAIK, this uses already the 1.8L engine and they (GM) claim that the fuel guzzling tendencies have been addressed (daw). The Optra is a rebadged Daewoo BTW.

    Sayang since i've always been a station wagon fan and the other locally available wagons are quite pricey.
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    No it uses 1.6 liter engine at LS trim siya(driver side airbag,ABS.etc....).Maganda siyang alternative sa sedans these days.....
  • too pricey, it costs more than the 1.8LT optra. more than 800K ++.
    its no bang for the buck car which made the Optra sedan sellable in the first place. I doubt if they were able to address the gas guzzling problem, because the manufacturer already claims a good fuel economy in the previous Optra yet real world specs proven otherwise, and since the wagon is heavier, i don't think they can make it more economical. better to just look at its alternatives instead.
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    I still think that this car is much better than the old Optras here.Its not that pricey(i know why you're acting like that cause you own a Optra.....).I'd rather buy this than the old tiring Corollas out there....
  • this seems to be the Optra's problem. Customer satisfaction. If we had a JD powers survey then this car must surely be in the bottom half. :)
    But actually the Optra is an OK car but its just the worst gas guzzling car that i have driven. If only it had better fuel economy then i think that even its resale value will climb a bit better than what it is now.
  • My aunt and cousin both have Optras from when they first came out. Both seem happy with it. Of course, they're not really "car people"... I think the 1.8L LT seems like good value since it's "fully loaded"...

    Sorry, need to comment on the wagon. I like it, but crash tests in the U.S. aren't good for sedans or wagons for Optra (Suzuki Forenza there)...
  • slamm
    slamm runnin on empty
    BTW, most people i know who buy the Optra are women... the design perhaps?
  • slamm wrote:
    BTW, most people i know who buy the Optra are women... the design perhaps?

    no not the design but the lack of the knowledge about cars. If your a car nut, chances are you would know that the Optra is a rebadged Daewoo and even with GM's experties you wouldn't venture into purchasing one knowing daewoo's previous cars. women are easily swayed by the cars cheap price and options, they don't think too much about resale, etc. Plus the free maintainance for women is an added bonus.
  • they shouldn't discontinued the chevy zafira...
  • Don't ever, ever buy anything sold by Autoworld. The WORST after-sales service I have seen.
  • regarding aftersales service, i can say na its really not that good.. dapat may kilala ka lang tlga kaya i get a very good service hahaha..

    i like wagons so, if i havent bought an optra 2 yrs ago, maybe il go for this one

    gas guzzler? yes!!! for my optra, i think mga 5km/liter... maharurot kasi ako....

    as for reliability, i cant answer that.... my optra has been with me na kasi for 2 years pa lang... mileage nya is 6000

    by the way, for everyones info, Chevrolet and Opel cars here in the Philippines can only use "UNLEADED" fuel. not premium. nalaman ko lang yan recently from my technicians in GM autoworld.
  • OTEP R
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    GM is offering a free ECU reprogram for all Optra models. Just ask your GM dealer. Some Tsikoteers claim a drastic improvement in fuel economy figures.

    If the gas mileage does improve, then the Optra wagon seems like a good SUV alternative. Compared to the similarly priced Tucson 4x2 2.0, the Optra has an airbag and ABS, a glovebox cooler for drinks, a more economical 1.6 engine, a cargo barrier, front and rear foglamps.

    About the only things missing are the increased ride height and SUV look.
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