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Which Breast Pump? Medela, Avent, Pigeon, etc.[Merged]

Hi! I'm a first-time mom and I'm really committed to breastfeeding my baby :)
But with so many breastfeeding pump options, I'm at a loss. :confusing: Given that the investment is quite high, would appreciate feedback from moms on which pump options to buy. I'm choosing between Avent ISIS out and about manual breast pump which costs around P5K or Medela mini-electric plus with double pump which costs around P9K.

Have also been seeing rave reviews on the net about Medela Pump in Style Traveler set. Saw one being sold here but it's a whopping P23K! Anybody here who can tell me what the main difference is between the mini-electric and pump in style? Are the machines similar with the bag being the only difference?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot!!!


  • ang advice sa akin is to invest on the electric pump because it will save you a lot of time.
  • Some PExers have posted about their experiences with those pumps in page 2 onwards of this thread.
  • if you're really serious about breasfeeding, then i suggest that you get a medela electric pump. works so much better than a manual pump. i've had the avent isis that i only used just once, gusto ko ngang ipamigay eh, hindi maganda gamitin, hirap mag pump ng milk. masakit na kamay mo sa kakapump hindi pa dn puno yung bote. use an electric pump, in the long run, mas makakatipid ka pa dn.
  • Having tried the Avent ISIS, i would say that its okay. Compared to other manual breast pumps, it worth it kahit medyo expensive. Sa una medyo mahirap, but its getting easier once you get the hang of it. i used to pump as much as 7-8 ounces. But if you want na mas mabilis, you can try the electric breast pump. If you want to buy the Avent ISIS just wait na magkaron ng baby sale sa SM. I was able to buy the breast pump during their baby sale at P3k+ from its original price na P6K. When are you giving birth ba? Lagi naman may sale ang Avent, be patient lang to scout for one sa mga department stores. :)
  • i have the avent pump but since i went back to working full time, i'm thinking of getting the medela mini electric. the avent is fine for occasional pumping siguro but since now i pump 3 times a day at the office, feeling ko mas convenient ang electric pump. minsan kasi i know hindi pa nae-empty ang breasts ko pero tamad na ako magpump kasi masakit na yung kamay ko. so i figure, if only to save time and pagod from using manual pumps, sulit naman siguro if i get an electric one.

    btw, i went to rustan's yesterday to get one pero out of stock. baka sa friday pa daw dumating yung new stock nila. na-disappoint nga ako e.
  • i used the pump in style by medela and the avent as well. I loved the medela way much more. It took less time and effort to pump milk.:) a medela is a good investment:)
  • froshie1froshie1 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    mga mommies, iyong mga electric pumps ba eh talagang worth it? diba depende din iyon sa paggagatas ng ina? iyong sa wife ko kasi pag hand express 1 oz lang pinakamadami na iyong 2oz.

    ang gusto kong masagot dito eh kung effective talaga iyong mga electric pumps like medela o dapat nasa mood din iyong ina na maggatas?
  • I had a friend who had a medela electric pump from the US. she had it shipped via LBC. In total in cost her 15K (breast pump US 200 and shipping charges). Super sulit daw.
  • TheManTheMan PEx Rookie ⭐
    my wife had not tried avent but from my research medela is the mercedes of pumps. =) We bought the deluxe one, my only complaint is that is way too noisy.
  • i bought a medela na, yung single mini-electric lang. though i would have loved to get their pump in style model. happy ako kasi mas madali maka-express ng milk. sulit sya lalo na if you have to pump at work. yun nga lang, it's noisy.
  • I have the Avent ISIS and ok naman siya, was able to pump about 2oz in less than 5 minutes on my first try.
  • annieliseannielise PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    I would say get the Medela Electric Pump. I got the Medela Pump-In-Style with its own bag and I can say it saved my life as a breastfeeding mom. I am still breastfeeding (extended) my 2 year old and I credit my plentiful milk supply to Medela. The first two weeks that I didn't have milk, it was Medela that boosted my milk supply because electric pumps mimic the suckle of a baby better than manual pumps.

    Here is also an excerpt of my post the Medela breast pump in the other thread:

    "It took me 2 whole weeks for my baby to latch on properly. But I just had to do everything i could coz I was desperate, I really, really wanted to breastfeed. My baby got used to the bottles they were feeding at the hospital so much so that he wouldn't latch on to my breast. So the big question is, how was i able to maintain my milk supply? pretty simple: electric breast pump. During those two weeks that my baby wouldn't latch on, I simply stimulated my breasts by pumping, and that kept my milk supply going. Rule number 1 in breastfeeding: your breastmilk operates on the law of supply and demand, the more your breasts are stimulated by your baby's suckle or by an electric breast pump, the more milk it will produce. that's why i get so sad when moms would say, "I don't have much milk, that's why I just used formula", because most of the time that is not true. Your milk dries up because you use formula and your breasts aren't stimulated by a breast pump or a sucking baby, so it just goes away. that's why I made sure I didn't supplement with formula during the first few weeks because I knew that would dry up my milk.

    Why an electric breast pump? A hospital-grade pump is the best because it simulates a baby's sucking motion the best, plus it gets the most milk at the least amount of time. I'm not sure about manual breastpumps, i don't know if you can maintain your breastmilk by using those coz it really takes effort to get only a few ounces of milk. I used the Medela Pump-in-Style electric breastpump which is the best in the market. It was costly at $250, but it sure cost a lot less than a year or more's supply of formula! you can get the Ameda electric pump for less, but it also works just the same as a Medela.

    For reading materials, I suggest you read The Complete Book of Breastfeeding by Eiger and Olds. As the title suggests, it has complete info about breastfeeding, complete with diagrams on pumping milk, storing, latching on, etc."
  • I have both the Medela Pump-In-Style with a brief case type bag and the Avent Asis. I bought the Medela after I found the Avent not pumping as much and very painful. I'm a working mom and I found the Medela very helpful and convenient. I was able to pump with ease and no discomfort at all.
  • I'm selling my medela mini electric plus breastpump.
    The mini electric plus offers the convenience of single or double pumping for moms on-the-go. The pump's Autocycle™ pumping action accurately simulates a baby’s nursing pattern and ensures comfort for mom. Adjustable vacuum can set the pump to a safe, comfortable level. One of the pump's nicest features is its compact size when it is out of the carrier. You don't need a lot of space for the pump itself, and it will run on batteries if you don't have access to an electrical outlet.
    if anybody is interested, pls pm me. tnx
  • hi! i'm interested. how much is it?
  • im due this coming july pa, but if some moms here wanted to sell their used pump i think it would be better to prepare ahead right? keep on posting moms :-)
  • when i gave birth 4 years ago i was able to use both medela and avent isis. both were on loan so that i could evaluate which one i was more comfortable with. i found the avent isis easier to operate as i would breast feed while pumping on the other breast. avent isis could be operated with one hand while the medela (manual) would require both.
    im due again this year and will be glad to use the avent isis.
    you really have to try both (if you have access to them on trial basis) to evaluate. some prefer medela while others avent. what ever you choose, think of it as an investment. you will be saving so much in the long run and bfeeding your child is the best choice you can ever make. if you get avent and it cost 3k that is just equivalent to how many cans for formula milk? maybe even just a month's supply worth. do the math and you will come out the winner whatever pump you choose.
  • Hi, I don't want to be a wet blanket here but using pre-owned breastpumps is discouraged. I don't know if this is just a sales ploy among breastpump manufacturers but they do warn against cross-contamination. Medela explains it in their site, http://www.medela.com/newfiles/faq/preownpump.html

    Again, I don't know if this is just a ploy (oo nga naman, pano naman kikita ang breastpump manufacturers kung pasa-pasahan lang), but I think this is something that we'd want to know.
  • sneezy, yes i agree with you about the cross contamination point. however i made sure that i borrowed the pumps from my sisters and know their medical history. thanks for the concern.
  • so which is really reccomended...avent ISIS or the medela?
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