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Honda vs. Toyota - What's your choice?

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The ultimate import car challenge!

We all know that Honda is also Acura and Toyota is also Lexus.. both car manufacturers are competing for excellence and cost-effectiveness so...


Both of them makes great cars - Like Honda created prelude, Accord, etc. Toyota, on the other hand, created Supra, Tercel, and Camry( I love this car! inluv.gif )




  • Eversince dream ko na ang Civic, yung black ha?! inluv.gif sobrang gusto ko sya, but I can't afford to have one :( crying.gif
  • parts-wise, i go for toyota. madaling bumili, maraming japan-equivalent and surplus. aircon- di malamig yung sa honda. pero overall performance, honda pa rin.
  • tama si LALAKE, sa parts, Toyota talaga dali bumili. but the suspension of Honda Cars is better. ewan ko, yun ang na-feel ko. and, parang hindi naman malakas sa gas. i've tried automatic and manual nila, parang hindi magastos sa gas eh. for the others, ano na ang na-experience ninyo?
    ...but i first tried a toyota car. ok naman din i-drive eh pero parang lahat ginagawang taxi. pero kahit ano, bsta may car! :D
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    This is a tough, tough question. The Rock's first car was a 1992 silver Toyota Corolla GLi. We just sold it two months ago, and the fact that it lasted eight years proves how much The Rock loves and trusts Toyota cars. But now, the Rock's car is a 2000 Formula red Honda Civic SiR, and it's a beautiful car. inluv.gif the problem with honda is that it doesn't have all that much in features for its expensive price. The civic didn't come with anti-lock brakes, keyless entry, centralized door locks, airbags, or fog lamps, and we got it for well over 700,000 pesos. :eek:

    The Rock has always considered himself a Toyota kind of guy because of his old Corolla, but the newer Corolla models weren't very impressive, and were relatively small compared to the '92 model. ;) The Civic on the other hand, is a beautiful car and is unquestionably the best looking car among the models in its class today. :D suffice it to say that The Rock has been equally blessed by both Toyota and Honda. :D

    If you smell what The Rock is cookin! :cool:
  • amidst the honda riceboys in our country, TOYOTA RULZ!!!
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    The Rock's 2000 Civic SiR is one of the hottest performance car among dragsters here in Southern Cali import scene. Hondas have more aftermarket performance parts than Toyotas, but TRD is slowly catching up..

    Here's a modded Toyota Camry below. Sweeet!!

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    honda honda honda


    pero budget wise civic & accord pwede na!
  • they both make great cars, that's for sure.

    it just seems that honda's are so overrated these days. especially honda civics.

    make mine a toyota.

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    Honda CRV
  • Originally posted by frenzy:
    Honda CRV

    CRV? nah, go for the new RAV4!
  • I like Toyota better because it's matibay. :) It's a really reliable car.
  • Originally posted by ChiQui:
    I like Toyota better because it's matibay. :) It's a really reliable car.

    it's true. toyota's legenday reliability has earned it award after award after award. unbelievable how they manage to build a car to withstand the beatings of time.

    pinoy's aren't the only ones who appreciate toyota's superioir build quality; the corolla in the world's best selling car. not exactly the most exciting vehicle on the road, but it gets its job done.
  • Originally posted by frenzy:
    Honda CRV

    hi frenzy, i go for Honda cars, but if i were to choose between CRV and RAV4, RAV4 ako! have you seen the new one? ang ganda!
  • TOYOTA.... :D
  • i drive a honda but i wish i had bought a toyota instead. it's more practical. pero kung porma na rin lang naman ang pag-uusapan, honda na lang.
  • hmmmm . . .

    its hard to decide since i have a model from both companies.

    but my corrolla and my civic are really great cars. i don't know why but i think they were made for the filipinos. wala lang.
  • ok yung toyota altis...though it's pretty much like corolla GLi but ok yung color beige...(dream car ko yun)!!!ok yung toyota kasi mas madaling hanapan ng spare parts pag may sira... :):)
  • I used to be from the old school... racing was my past time when i was in high school and i always prefered a turbocharged engine over any naturally aspirated engine... i dont know too much about the specifications about the TOMS Corolla nor the Honda SIR... but how much has racing dynamics evolved other then being more dependent on computers?

    Out of preference I prefer the Toyota... I have always been satisfied with Toyota given that my dyno-tested 500hp rear wheel drive HKS balanced and blueprinted 22RE iron block with its knife-edged crankshaft, port n' polished head and intake, extrude-honed trottle body, TRW pistons and rods, titanium 5-angle valves and springs, bosch racing fuel pump, 550cc injectors, retarded timing and 2mm steel head gasket with custom fabricated intercooled spooling Turbonetics T3/T4 hybrid have always been able to outrun any Honda in my high school/college days. All they saw and heard was my 2 1/2-inch mandral bent exhaust system and swuuuuup and buuuwww of my HKS blow-off valve... I also had all the computers too.. HKS FCON, VBC, SBC, AIC etc.. my Toyota 22RE was also able to handle another 150hp if needed with my blue bottle :D

    That was my lifestyle then... now I prefer the comfort of my strong, sleek, and stylish MB E430.
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    TOYOTA..mura pyesa, kahet cguro sa mindanao eh may CV joint! IMHO Lang.. peace!

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