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Full Metal Alchemist the Movie

already released... download na... tho yung copy ko medyo olats yung sub... pero ok pa din yung kuwento... not really a happy ending tho...


  • if you followed the tv series it actually gives light to some issues left hanging but the movie now feels like DUAL PARALLEL ADVENTURE or STARGATE
  • san ma downoad ito? pwede b ang lime wire? im excited na
  • di bawi yung movie! argh..............
  • e2 ba un bagong movie? un continuation ng conclusion ng mini series?
  • yupyupyup - this one continues the previous storyline
  • spoilers nman dyan ano nangyari nakabalik ba si elric sa kakaptid nya?
  • yup tapos napunta na sila sa other side nung gate.. meron pang 2nd movie. yung tatapos sa story.
  • hi im a newbie here....

    i registered 2 ask a query....

    meron po ba tlgang 2nd movie ang fma?

    kc im so disappointed sa movie 1 eh...

    sad endings...

    un lng po.... paki confirm po kung merong nga pong movie 2 at kelan lalabas...

    i cant w8 na e.... tnx so much guys.. bye
  • I got the chance to watch the movie last night. And here are my thoughts...

    -The visuals were great - very fluid and definitely a movie quality.
    -The storyline wasn't forced for a sequel - and the premise was interesting.
    -It was great to see old and new characters, especially the "counter-parts" of the people in the "alchemic world" in the real world. Can't believe that they made Hughes' counterpart a member of the Nazi, and the Fuhrer a film-maker.
    -Al was great. Wearing Ed's clothes, having long-hair and doing "clap-transmutation" just like his brother and Uzumi was kick-@ss.
    -At least there was a resolution and closure. At least they got what they wanted all along (getting together again and returning Al's body), well, except for Ed's arm and leg.

    The movie, IMO, at least wraps up the whole series. Whether there would be another movie or a full-series, well, we don't know. All in all, the movie's great.

    (Too bad there were only a few Riza scenes... )
  • i like the movie although sad yung ending. But i was glad that the elric brothers were together again. na-sad ako kay winry lalo na nung sinabi niyang, "I'll bet that's Ed, he won't let me wait anymore :mecry: ."

    naglurk ako sa isang fullmetal alchemist forum and i found some post movie spoilers.
    letters of ed and al to some fma characters...
  • di ko alam kung may sequel pero may 3 part OVA ang FMA (sana makahanap ako ng copy).

    source: http://www.fma-adikz.tk/

    Chibi Party
    This is a short OVA of Fullmetal Alchemist, where they are all having a victory party of their movie: Conqueror of Shambala. They are kid-like in this OVA.

    Hagaren Kids
    In this OVA, there are 3 kids that looks like Edward, Alphonse and Winry, but they are the grand sons and grand daughter of Edward Elric, They didn't show the wife of Ed.

    State Alchemists v.s. Homonculi
    This is not a contunuation of the series but in here, the state alchemist and the 7 homonculi are fighting. As I said, the charactrers included in here are the military state alchemists and the 7 homonculi.

    Accdg. to ANN, ung FMA OVA entitled Kids, the setting's in present day 2005 while the movie's setting's in Munich, Germany 1923, so i think the elric bros. were not able to return in Amestris (sira na yung gate eh :bop: ) . since kamukha nina ed, al and winry yung grandchildren ni ed, it's possible na counterpart ni winry yung naging wife ni ed :love: .

    Ed, Winry and Al

    Ed's grandchildren
  • rubberr_duckyrubberr_ducky PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Bumili na ako ng dvd movie sa ghills. 100php lang and ok naman ang copy :)

    800php naman kung buong seires :)
  • ang ganda ng movie na ito un nga lang bitin :mecry:
  • NearNear PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I thinks that's Alphonse's grand children. Inutusan nya mga apo nya na bisitahin si Ed dahil bday nito.
  • nasa lime wire na kaya ito?
  • Near wrote: »
    I thinks that's Alphonse's grand children. Inutusan nya mga apo nya na bisitahin si Ed dahil bday nito.

    sabi kasi sa ANN Ed and his grand children[/url] pero pwede rin na grand children sila ni al since di naman minention sa OAV na apo talaga sila ni ed or al. tsaka kamukha ni al yung isa sa mga apo. :confused:
  • I've just got the FMA movie for less than 15 USD(shipping and handling fee excluded) from amazon.com! Mine's only the regular version. The special edition has post cards.

    I am glad Ed and Al has reunited. The ending could've been more good if they have just stayed in their world/Shamballa.
  • hello! newbie here! i loved the series. probably the only anime series i devoted time to sa animax.

    loved the movie although medyo nalungkot ako when winry said that line regarding ed not letting her wait anymore.

    all i can say is, the elric brothers specially edward are still the best. great come back by roy mustang one of my fave characters and the movie truly concluded the series. i am glad the brothers are finally reunited.
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