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Cool places or tourist spots in the US

for those who visit or are stuck in the US...which tourist spots or places are worth going to?

para sa akin..NYC and Orlando, Florida!


  • the rock, the infamous alcatraz
  • when in NYC..

    - downtown manhattan
    - empire state building
    - world trade center building
    - rockafeller center
    - history of natural museum
    - botanical garden
    - bronx zoo
    - times square
    - statue of liberty
    - yankee stadium & shea stadium :D
    - NYC public library
    - st. patrick's cathedral
    - chinatown!
    - south seaport
    - greenwich village

    six flags great adventure!! hurricane harbor!! :D
  • aticusaticus PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Washington, D.C.

    It's underrated, but the "Mall" with the Smithsonian museums is fabulous for history buffs! :) I was in awe.

    Las Vegas is cool for people who like night life. Lake Tahoe is absolutely gorgeous when the snow is falling... Houston has the really cool NASA space center. You get to see the Saturn V rocket (largest rocket ever, launched the moon mission) laid out on the ground. Cool! :)

    And, as cities go, San Francisco is very pretty.

    But whatever you do... avoid the city center of Newark... even the police traffic booths on the street corners have bulletproof glass!
  • :) Washington DC for historical sites
    Chicago, for it's skycrapers & festivals
    New Mexico for its scenery
    Aspen colorado for skiing
    New York for shopping, plays, clubbing,and hanging out in Greenwich Village.
    Orlando Florida for Disney World, Epcot & Universal Studios.
    MIami South Beach for topless bathing :cool:
  • yuri: didn't have the chance to go to the rock :( is the tour worth it?

    byby: wow, NYC expert! haven't been to museum of natural history and botanical garden...me wanna check it out! :)

    aticus: i love the smithsonian institute, SFO and vegas too :) especially NASA (hanggang ngayon nangangarap pa kong maging first pinoy astronaut!) :D i can't decide which is better though..houston vs. orlando NASA. i have yet to see lake tahoe..

    i'm having a hard time deciding which city is better..SFO vs NYC..di hamak na mas malinis kasi sa SFO pero di hamak na mas exciting sa NYC :D

    Expat-n-Amerika: oks din sa Chicago, daming action!! I have yet to go skiing and nude sunbathing though.. wonder.gif
  • chikkita ya marvelous,brilliant but u have to spare a week for booking. :)
  • siguro overrated na yung ibang cities tulad ng NYC, SFO, Chicago etc...gusto ko ring puntahan ang Boston, Seattle, etc..saan pa kaya okay. i went to LA mga twice or thrice..grabe alang magawa dun! no offense sa mga taga-dun.. sa texas din medyo corny :D
  • coZeecoZee PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    punta kayo sa Mall of America (in Minneapolis) tapos EB tayo dun! hehehehe
  • why dont you try New Orleans...if you like jazz, lots of jazz bars around.....european ambiance...well at least the architecture is like paris...creole food...parand di typical US
  • when in san francisco:
    - heights (spelling?) and ashebury if ure the "flower child" type....loved it there! lots of homeless bums on the streets though...impressive graffiti on the walls (i liked the jimi hendrix one)
    - fisherman's wharf
    - ghirardelli's (again spell check pls...man i feel dumb) chocolate factory/ghirardelli square
    - alcatraz/the rock...very very awesome tour! u get to put on headsets (audio tour type) and tour around the place
    - is napa valley a part of frisco?

    when in nyc:
    byby said it all hehehe...check out upstate new york too...go to westpoint

    when in texas:
    go to san antonio and CORPUS CHRISTI!!! corpus is such a laid back city...it's an R&R place...go to south padre island too...nice beach

    when in florida:
    - walt disney world: magic kingdom, epcot center, mgm studios...universal studios and sea world are worth going to also

    washington dc:
    arlington cemetery, smithsonian, and hmm...all the other museums (sorry i forgot the exact names...i was just in 5th grade when i went there)

    i didnt really like LA...mann's chinese theater, universal studios, bev hills, rodeo drive uuuh...bev hills mall?

    new orleans:
    bourbon street? hehehe...
  • I haven't really had time to go around much here in Arizona pero there are two places na I really loved- Grand Canyon and Sedona. Astig yung 'Jazz on the Rocks' sa Sedona!

    Carmel and Solvang are nice little towns in California. I liked these places even more than LA.
  • other places on the East coast::)

    Philadelphia: Independence Hall, Benjamin Franklin Museum, Betsy Ross' cottage (she sewed the American flag), this is a really historic city

    Hershey, Pennsylvania: original Hershey factory and a Hershey theme park!:yum:

    Williamsburg, Virginia: authentic colonial site and Busch Gardens amusement park

  • makiling - i went to new orleans last month..okay nga dun, it doesn't look like america at all..mukha ngang intramuros e..fave ko pa ang REAL WORLD new orleans kaya swak!!

    Rowlf - i absolutely love grand canyon, carmel and solvang too :D if i were given the opportunity to live in solvang or carmel, i'd take it.

    FragileFlame98 - i've seen westpoint..k din dun..nakita ko pa yung kwarto ni McArthur! siyempre, orlando da 'happiest' place on earth. may license to regress dun...:D which do you like better, NY or SFO?

    virgo14 - my family is going to pennsylvania soon..my little sis has been bugging us forever about the hershey place..

    coZee - tama yan, mag US EB tayo, o diba, sikat. :lol:

    anybody been to massachusetts (boston, north andover, etc)? i just found out i'm going to be sent there for a while..


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