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  • hi everyone :wave: my officem8s and i are visiting cdo next month. we have 1 free day to go around the area. they are suggesting canopy walk but although i like the adventure, i hate trekking. white water rafting is also out of the question. i checked out the travel sites and they mentioned that guests have to sign a waiver form. well, that is kinda scary :ayaw: is there any activity which we may enjoy yet not so strenuous? what places would you recommend for us to visit? i've been to cdo only 2x and that was a long time ago so i could hardly remember the place except that from there, we went to lanao del norte and camiguin. pls. suggest good dining places which are different from those in manila. and also what to buy when shopping for pasalubong. sorry ha dami kong tanong. i just don't know who to ask anymore eh. thanks so much. :beam:
  • junben_c: the last time i went to Canopy Walk, it was free but we had to pay the guides though. We had 3 persons who went with us and my friends paid them like Php 200 each (take note, this was still back in 1999) .. the rates may have changed by now.

    White water rafting costs roughly Php 2,000 per person a day. Rates may have changed too.

    Dawn1900: :wave: how ya doin? anywayz, i can suggest you go caving in Initao ... or go to Duka Beach (around an hour away from the city). You can also go to Lagonglong Cold Springs (45 mins away from the city). You can go clubbing at Club Macumba (in Limketkai drive), eat at P Joe's Diner (same strip as Macumba), go to The Site (a lounge), LiveSite (the club), or Sentro Restaurant (good food, my friend owns this or you can go to its competition across the street) in Havellano Square. There's this thing called "Night Cafe" every friday where they close like 3 blocks in DVSoria (near Ateneo de Cagayan University) and there are mini-restaurants/bars everywhere along the street. I went back to cdo last year for a vacation and now i hear that there are a bunch of new clubs which sprouted all over the place at present. You can ask around if you like, the people there are pretty friendly. Hope you have fun :)
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    hello junben_c.....baka pede mo sya i-post dito:


    baka kc may mga iba pang pexers na nagbabalak punta jan....

    sali ka na rin sa yahoogroup :*)
  • thank u so much gastrixia. that is most helpful :bounce2:
  • nag white water rafting ako last july, it cost us 1400.

    post nyo naman kung may pupunta ng cdo. :D
  • just got back from a 4 day trip from cdo! i suggest dont stay in expensive hotels. pick the ones in the city. around 500-600 double na and okay naman! atleast everything is malapit everywhere.
    dont forget butchers best, bigbys and the limketkai area.
    have fun!
  • chin66ay, pls post naman wer u stayed in cagayan de oro. also, ano yung butchers best and bigbys? limketkai is their shopping district right?
  • my friends and i have been to camiguin on 2001. you can try to visit our website http:holyweek.tripod.com some info there might help you out with your trip.

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  • butcher's best and bigby's are both restaurants.

    Butcher's has the best barbecue in the whole city. Bigby's used to have the best food around but when I was there last year, their stuff wasn't as good as I remembered.

    Limketkai is the primary shopping district. And it has restaurants and bars surrounding it.
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    estimated budget for the trip?
  • i expect around 8t. that already includes the airfare, accomodation, transfers and food. yung ibang activities like white water rafting not yet included sa budget. magkikrismas naman eh so why not treat ourselves and have fun before the year ends, right? :)
  • hey punta kami ng mom ko sa cdo this october 27. tapos balik kami sa manila ng october 29. attend lang kami ng kasal...may magagawa ba ko sa sobrang iksi ng stay namin dun? my mom suggested that we do shopping na lang, pero im into adventure din eh.....arrive kami ng 230 pm ng october 27 tapos alis kami ng 320 ng oct 29.

    im so excited. this is my first trip to mindanao....palagi lang visayas napupuntahan ko. anyway, nakakainis nga kasi when i checked out the palakbayan packages ng PAL, mas mura pa pala siya compared to buying tickets tapos hanap ng accommodations.
  • Dawn1900: How about Iligan City? It's only two hours away from cdo. You can go to Tinago Falls as well as swim in Timoga Spring pools. Sarap ng lechon dun. I'm craving already. I used to live there.

    Caving is also great at the Initao National Park, I think it's only 1 1/2 hrs away. There's a guide who will take you to at least three caves. Make sure they also bring to the open cave that leads to the sea. You can then finish your spelunking at Don Arc's beach resort.

    For Camiguin: People always miss going here, but try to go to Magsaysay Island (there's another local name for this, I forgot). It's the island you see when you reach the port in Benoni. It's also white sand but the wonder lies on the vegetation you will see which are really different from the mainland.
    i think the double room was 590 per night. okay siya. casa crystalla ang name sa malapit sa divisoria. forgot the street. ganun yung rates na iba pang hote sa areal. kailangan mo lang naman ng tutulugan diba? pwede ka pa maglakad-lakad going to fast food chains.

    bigbys- parang fridays... okay na rin.

    butchers bbq- okay lang din... try the hot and spicy.

    limketkai has the best gimikans. talbog ang eastwood sa ganda ng pagkagawa... beer is P40 medyo mahal (for me who's been to davao P20 lang)
  • for those who have nothing else to do this coming oct 30 to nov 2, you may join our group tour to camiguin / cagayan de oro. :)
  • punta aku cdo sa sunday at camiguin sa monday..hanggan wednesday and bak to cdo bak to manila friday.. sayang dili man aku makasabay sa inyo kuya junben_c.. nweiz san kaya maganda stay sa camiguin..and la pa ku idea sa mga gagawin dun..hehe.. hello sa lahat ng lakwatsero at lakwatsera :)
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    gusto ko sana sama sa camiguin kaso la na ko moolah (buhuhu!)............may nakausap kc ako cebuana tapos cnabi nya na punta raw ako ng camiguin kc ganda raw dun...... kelan kaya part 2 nito....
  • hi karl_edvard, jst came from cdo. like u, we only had barely 3 days 2 go around the place. but if u have at least 1 day to spare, i suggest that u take a tour package. in our case, we went white water tubing in the morning which was more than an hour's drive from the city. it was an awesome experience. we first climbed a bridge and jumped 30 ft down the river below. of course we had our lifevests on. there were guides who pulled us up immediately after we resurfaced. kinda scary but exhilirating. afterwards, we rode on the inner tubes of large truck tyres which were bound together by a rope. more adventurous members of the group decided to use the body board. they said it was fun but i didn't have the guts to try it. our tubes, the guides said, were much safer than a rubber raft which has the tendency to capsize but it was stomach-churning fun, nevertheless. it was great to shoot the rapids although one of my friends fell and was caught in the middle of the swirling water. fortunately, nothing bad happened to her.

    in the afternoon, we went on a city tour which included a visit to the dole plantation. the steak there is a must have. it's not only very tasty but also a lot cheaper than in manila. our package costs P2,400/pax including lunch, snacks and transpo (steak dinner on personal account, about P500 each, good for 2).

    there are still a lot of places to see in cdo and i'm looking forward to visiting the place again :)
  • karel nice suggestion. next time i go to cdo, i'll try to squeeze in iligan in my itinerary. i just love traveling :bounce2:
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    Hello. You visit naman my community of fisherfolks sa Camiguin. They have a good beach and meron silang maraming giant clams. Meron silang training center for visitors to sleep in. 50 pesos lang ata ang bayad. The serve sumptous meals. The peoples organization is in Sitio Kibela, Cantaan, Camiguin. Look for Alona Cordero. Siya ang chairperson ng org. Tell them I referred you guys. PM mo ko so i can give you my full name.

    Their place is serene, remote and White sand pa. Masarap ding makipag interact sa community. Kukuwentuhan ka nila sa struggle to protect their environment. Enjoy!
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