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abs-cbn kapamilya Thread 33 - pamilyang sama-sama ngayong 2006

Boy_TumadorBoy_Tumador Banned by Admin PExer
ngayong nalalapit ang 2006..sama-sama parin ang magkakapamilya!!!!


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  • scudajscudaj Banned by Admin PExer
    December 25, 2005

    Enteng Kabisote
    Ako Legal Wife
    KUTOB *okay*
  • DietspriteDietsprite Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    enteng kabisote and kutob lang ang panonoorin ko
  • crazpcrazp _DaNcE_AdDiCt_ PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Sa akin,EXODUS lang siguro!

    Sabi kasi ng mga kaibigan ko, pangit ang ENTENG last year...
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  • Boy_TumadorBoy_Tumador Banned by Admin PExer
    xcited na akong maghongkong.. bukas na ang lipad ko.. heheheh tsktsktsk
  • la_flashla_flash Banned by Admin PExer
    :wave: mga kapamilya...

    mayroon na palang bagong bahay...


  • scudajscudaj Banned by Admin PExer
    crazp wrote:
    I sent him an email last DEC 22, 2005



    Good day to you, Atty. Pe?aflorida! I just want to know if you have the latest ratings for Primetime Bida conducted here in Iloilo City? And I want to know also the ratings of your show, TV Patrol Iloilo?I've read in your column in Sun-Star Newspaper dated July 11, 2005 where you stated that the TVPatrol Iloilo got 31.8%.Well, congratulations to you and to ABS-CBN Iloilo people.

    Will ASAP 05 going here in Iloilo on January?When they went to U.S., Gary V. mentioned that they are going to be here soon.I hope that would be on January, during DINAGYANG FESTIVAL.

    Thank you and more power!
    crazp wrote:
    And Atty Peneflorida's reply..........




    to make it clear,
    Merry Christmas! Sorry for the late reply.

    We have just received the info that based on official PSRC survey results, ABS-CBN TV 10 in Iloilo has remained number one for the 4th quarter. This means that we have consistently remained on top for the last three quarters making us no. 1 in Iloilo for the whole 2005. Our advantage over GMA remains at around 4 percentage points.

    The individual program ratings are not out yet but we learned that TV Patrol Iloilo, thank God, continues to do well. Our ratings have remained in the 28 to 30% level. This is already significant considering that in 2004, our ratings were only around 10 to 13%. We have more than doubled it this year.

    We shall continue to work hard next year and there are many reasons to celebrate TV Patrol Iloilo's 3rd year anniversary in Jan. We have become the most awarded local news program. CMMA Best TV program in 2004, finalist in 2003, and 2005 KBP Golden Dove finalist for Best TV news program and news anchor. Of course, your kapamilya station is KBP's Best Provincial TV Station for 2005.

    Let's keep our fingers crossed that ASAP will finally conquer Iloilo in January!

    Thank you for your support, kapamilya! Happy new year.


    Just want to share this to spread some good news that Iloilo City is indeed and ABSCBN Landia!
  • sexygoonsexygoon Member PExer
    hopefully, next year makabawi na ang kapamilya....lalo na sa primetime. Slowly but surely....
  • nowie_0?nowie_0? dugongkapamilya PExer
    happy new year mga kapamilya!!! kapit lang at alam ko na mababawi na natin ang pagiging no.1 sa pinagmamalaking 720 tv households ng mga kapuso!!! i love u all kapamilya!!!!!!
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    Filipino/Tagalog: Lupang Hinirang
    Translated into Tagalog by Julian Cruz Balmaceda, Ildefonso Santos, and Francisco Caballo; finalized translation of 1962

    Bayang magiliw
    Perlas ng Silanganan,
    Alab ng puso,
    Sa dibdib mo'y buhay.

    Lupang Hinirang,
    Duyan ka ng magiting,
    Sa manlulupig,
    Di ka pasisiil.

    Sa dagat at bundok,
    Sa simoy at sa langit mong bughaw,
    May dilag ang tula
    At awit sa paglayang minamahal.

    Ang kislap ng watawat mo'y
    Tagumpay na nagniningning,
    Ang bituin at araw niya
    Kailan pa ma'y di magdidilim.

    Lupa ng araw, ng luwalhati't pagsinta,
    Buhay ay langit sa piling mo;
    Aming ligaya, na pag may mang-aapi
    Ang mamatay nang dahil sa iyo.

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    STAR PATROL Version by ASHLEY :spinstar:

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    Aiko and Martin For Real

    Showbiz Pinoy Magazine

    As you must have noticed, there's an exclamation point in today's headline because, yes, Aiko Melendez and Martin Jickain are definitely getting married second week of February next year come what may.

    Proof? Aiko, 29, and Martin, 22, are already finalizing the list of principal sponsors and I happen to be one of them. When Aiko called, I asked her twice if she and Martin were sure of themselves and she said yes without hesitation.

    You see, when the couple recently announced on national television that they were getting married, eyebrows soared and you can't blame the skeptics because Aiko and Martin have been going for only more than two months.

    "Life is short," said Aiko, "and besides, from Day One I knew that our relationship would last. I have a strong feeling that I've found Mr. Right, at last!"

    It will be Aiko's second marriage. Her first (to Jomari Yllana by whom she has a son, Andre, seven) was annulled.

    A commercial model, Martin has brushed aside speculations that he has a plan to enter showbiz and he's only "using" Aiko. "No such plan," said Martin who is half-German and half-Filipino.

    Martin has been a fan of Aiko's since, as a grade-schooler, he saw Aiko in the Regal movie 13, 14, 15 (in which Aiko co-starred with Ruffa Gutierrez and Carmina Villarroel).

    "I like her eyes," said Martin (whose brother Luke is a model), "they are very expressive. I bought notebooks with Aiko on the cover. That's how much I admire her."

    They first met two years ago. Martin had a girlfriend then. They met again more than two months ago and, recalled Aiko, "everything just fell into place."

    Dismissing their romance as a "passing fancy," Aiko said that she doesn't go for flings.

    "I want a lasting relationship," said Aiko who, after her separation from Jomari, has been romantically linked to Victor Neri (with whom she went steady for two months) and band member Jonard Yanzon (barely a year). "It seems that Martin and I have known each other for a long time. We are open to each other. He knows all about my past and vice-versa."

    So what more and what else can we say but "All the best" to the couple!

  • ashley26ph2004ashley26ph2004 Sana Bukas May Kahapon Pa PEx Veteran ⭐⭐


    From Kuh, with love

    Showbiz Pinoy Magazine

    On Nov. 19, 2004, George Canseco succumbed to cancer. Last Nov. 19, some of OPM's biggest names led by Kuh Ledesma gathered to pay tribute to the late composer in Paano Kita Mapasasalamatan.

    If for the sheer star value of the names alone, Paano Kita Mapasasalamatan was a winner of a concert even before the first song had been sung. Imagine gathering on stage Kuh, Basil Valdez, Christian Bautista, Pilita Corrales, Dulce, Zsa Zsa Padilla and Martin Nievera, all of whom not only agreed to perform at the concert, they even donated part of their talent fees to charity.

    It was obvious that Paano Kita Mapasasalamatan was not just a well-staged tribute, but also a well-thought out one – aside from the performances themselves (many of which were done by the original artists that popularized the songs), there were many little touches here and there that made it a truly special evening. For one thing, there were the video clips featuring OPM artists whose lives and careers Canseco had touched, including Sharon Cuneta, whose very first song, Dear Heart, was written by the late composer.

    But of course, the musical performances were the most-awaited portions of the night. They got off to an excellent start when Kuh sang Dito Ba and Bulaklak, written for her by Canseco. Kuh was also responsible for the overall concept and direction of the show.

    The highlights of the show were Canseco hits, like Basil's medley of Ngayon at Kailanman, Kastilyong Buhangin and Hanggang Sa Dulo ng Walang Hanggan; Kuh and Christian's Magkasuyo Buong Gabi and Kailangan Kita; Kuh's Tubig at Langis, where she was backed up by harpist Noelle Cassandra; Kuh and Dulce's Kung Ako'y Iiwan Mo and Paano Kung Wala Ka Na; Zsa Zsa's Hiram; and Dulce's signature song, Ako Ang Nagwagi.

    The audience had difficulty holding back its tears as Dulce shared her testimony and the story of how, just before his death, she had asked Canseco for permission to change some of the lyrics of the song to better reflect her new-found faith and how God helped her triumph over sin.

    Other well-applauded performances were Kuh and Zsa Zsa's Kahapon Lamang and Saan Ako Nagkamali, Martin Nievera's Nasaan Ka Man (the last song Canseco wrote before his death) and his duet with Kuh of Ikaw.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the repeat of Paano Kita Mapasasalamatan materializes, if not this year, then next year. Besides, the concert will help advance the cause of OPM, a cause that Canseco dedicated his life to.

  • ashley26ph2004ashley26ph2004 Sana Bukas May Kahapon Pa PEx Veteran ⭐⭐


    Erik Santos closes 2005 with...

    Showbiz Pinoy Magazine

    No rain nor traffic jam could stop approximately 10,000 fans of Prince of Pop Erik Santos from turning his free concert at the Marikina Riverbanks last Dec. 3 into one of the most well-attended gigs this year.

    As early as 3 p.m., people (mostly members of Erik Santos fan clubs from as far as Batangas and Bicol) were already securing their places on and their banners in the open-air venue. Due to drizzle, many brought umbrellas and wore rain coats and caps, traversing the somewhat muddy slope with adamant expression of seeing the concert through come hell or high water. In anticipation of the throng, some of the bars and restaurants festooned in the area opened business earlier than usual; a boon, indeed, for Erik fans who were able to take advanatage of these establishments' parking lots and comfort rooms.

    To keep the crowd from becoming restless, celebrities AJ Dee and Bianca Gonzalez came onstage at 4 p.m. to commence parlor games and raffles.

    By 6 p.m., darkness took over and the stage came to life with multi-colored casts from huge halogens. People hooted and applauded. Canned music that blared from elaborate sound system halted. Electricity seized the air.

    Then a voice announced: "Ladies and gentlemen..."

    It was show time. Welcome to "Paskong Pasasalamat ni Erik Santos."

    For openers was aspiring rock chick, Tara Tambunting, with her version of Alanis Morisettes' "Hand In My Pocket." The crowd indulged her, and even gave her some thumbs up for bravely taking on Queens ' "Bohemian Rhapsody." But it was clear they were not primed for anything but ballads like "Pagbigyang Muli," "Di Ko Kaya" or "This Is The Moment." Or anything Erik Santos (everything Erik Santos). Certainly not rock music.

    Or are they? Because as soon as the Prince of Pop burst onstage, betrayal of predilection transpired. Hearing how people sang along to Erik's version of The Calling's "Wherever You May Go," Creed's "My Sacrifice," Edwin McCain's "I'll Be" and other rock favorites, who would've thought these people did not come for headbanging in the first place?

    It's the Prince of Pop weaving irresistible charisma; one that never faltered throughout the two-hour musical marathon. Yet while Erik offered rounded repertoire (highlighted by display of terpsichorean, er, skills in "Sasakyan Kita" with guest K and the Boxers) and was more experimental in dressing up (twice did he appear with sleeveless polo circa-80's), it was still the slow songs of a dapper young balladeer that swept the crowd away. Note-worthy among these was Erik's duet with upcoming chanteuse Kim Flores (a fellow Backroom talent) who was able to hold her own against the former in vocally punishing Basil Valdez medley.

    But if people went home that night thankful for free entertainment and some raffle prizes did Erik exit the stage, too, gratefully. After all, Bank of Philippine Islands announced during the show that they are renewing Erik's endorsement deal with them. It's development that adds yet another exclamation point to an already exciting 2005 for the Prince of Pop.

    "Paskong Pasasalamat" was presented by BPI and Star Records in cooperation with Riverbanks Center , Century Tuna, Argentina Chunky Corned Beef, Sunsilk and Close Up.

    Other sponsors are Manila Bulletin, Salon de Manila, DWWR, DZMM and Riverbank Hotel and Convention Center.

  • ashley26ph2004ashley26ph2004 Sana Bukas May Kahapon Pa PEx Veteran ⭐⭐

    MMFF 2005 - EXODUS

    Showbiz Pinoy Magazine

    Tiyak daw na ipanonood ni Benjie sa kanyang mga anak ang movie niya for the Metro Manila filmfest, Exodus: Tales from the Enchanted Kingdom .

    Excited kasi si Benjie sa kanyang role sa pelikula. Isa siyang half-horse, half man, na alipin ni Haring Bagulbol (played Jay-R). He blindly obeys whatever Haring Bagulbol tells him to do.

    "Ang hirap ng role ko, actually, dahil sa costume. Aba , kapag naka-costume na ako, di ako puwedeng umupo. Paano ko iyon magagawa, eh, kalahati nga ng katawan ko'y kabayo?

    "Ako rin lang yata ang member ng cast na kailangang may ilang alalay, lalo na roon sa mga eksenang kinunan sa bundok. Kailangan ding may pumapaypay sa akin, dahil ang init-init ng costume ko, lalo't outdoor ang aming eksena. Di uubra ang electric fan.

    "I am certain that my sons will be amused. Ngayon nga lang, pag ikinukuwento ko ang mga eksena, interesadong-interesado silang makinig," ani pa ni Benjie.

    "I am glad I'm part of the movie," wari mo'y nagmamalaking saad ni Benjie. "Di lang napakalaki ng pelikula, napakaganda pang talaga. I have seen its rough copy. Talagang mapapalatak ka na. Ngayon lang ako nakapanood ng local movie na ang special effects at cinematography ay maikukumpara sa mga gawang Hollywood ."

    Si Erik Matti ang director ng Exodus. Nasa cast din sina BJ "Tolits" Forbes, Aubrey Miles, Iya Villania, Phoemela Barranda, Paolo Bediones, Long Mejia and Mark Gil.

    If you recall, nagshu-shooting si Mark nito nang isugod sa ospital dahil nanikip ang dibdib. Mabuti't nothing untoward happened to him. Natapos niya ang kanyang mga eksena

  • ashley26ph2004ashley26ph2004 Sana Bukas May Kahapon Pa PEx Veteran ⭐⭐


    Showbiz Pinoy Magazine

    Twice na naming tinanong si Orly Ilacad kung magkano inabot ang budget nila ni Vic Sotto sa Enteng Kabisote 2…The Legend Continues at lagi itong umiiwas sumagot. Still counting pa raw sila sa kanilang nagastos for the said movie.

    Obvious na ayaw lang makipag-sabayan ni boss Orly sa Mulawin the Movie, na worth P80 million, at Exodus, na P70 million naman ang nagastos.

    Sagana rin sa special effects ang Enteng Kabisote 2 at sa Hong Kong ang post-production at tiyak na malaki rin ang lumabas na pera ng M-Zet Productions at OctoArts Films.

    Sabagay, 'yun ngang isyung pag-alis ni Michael V. sa pagma-manage niya'y ayaw sagutin ni boss Orly. Smile lang ang kanyang reaction 'pag aming kinukulit. Kaya siguro 'di kasali sa movie si Michael V. dahil 'di na si boss Orly ang manager.

  • ashley26ph2004ashley26ph2004 Sana Bukas May Kahapon Pa PEx Veteran ⭐⭐


    Joyce denies Bamboo

    Showbiz Pinoy Magazine

    TALENT manager Shirley Kuan held a Christmas dinner with her talents Joyce Jimenez, Albert Martinez, Donna Cruz, and Chinggoy Alonzo, and invited us.

    Joyce is here for a short break from her studies at Griffith University in Australia where she's a marketing junior. We tell her we saw her life story being aired in "Magpakailanman" and we're surprised to know her life is a tearjerker. "That's what they want, e," she says. "Yung iyakan. So, I must've shed a bucket of tears while taping it."

    She's so good in playing herself we won't be surprised she'd get nominated for an acting award. We notice she changed the name of Jay Manalo in it. "Of course, I have to protect him din naman," she adds.

    Joyce leaves on December 20 to spend Christmas with her parents in L.A. Is it true she's now on with rock star Bamboo? "No. We just met at the NU Rock Awards. Tapos kami na raw. Ano ba 'yun?"

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