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Cars: 4-Door or 2-Door?

Hey'all.. what car would u rather choose, a 4dr, or a 2dr? 2dr cars tend to look more "sporty" but they also tend to be impractical and uncomfortable. (especially on the back seats) 4dr cars are more like a family car - practical, and it has more rooms for the passenger(s) BUT most 4dr cars are gas guzzlers and tend to ruin the style.

4dr or 2dr? What's your choice?


  • Ira
    Ira Member
    Definitely 4-door. My youngest sister drives a black 2-door Lancer sports coupe, and it's such an inconvenience having to push down those cursed front seats just to put something in the back or to sit there. You also end up getting trapped in the car when you've arrived at your destination.
  • frenzy
    frenzy Certified PExAdik
    I'd rather choose a 4-door car
  • 2 door astig eh...
    jologs rulez
  • 4-door siyempre.
  • i used to fantasize about getting a convertible and they're all coupes. problem is i live in the pacific north-west where it either rains or snows 9 months out of the year! no fun driving around all drenched diba? kaya 4-dr SUV na lang, at least mejo sporty. but if i moved south of the border... thinker.gif

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  • Originally posted by :?:
    Hey'all.. BUT most 4dr cars are gas guzzlers and tend ...

    not necessarily true.

    2 door variants of 4 doors usually have the same engine. the number of doors = no direct effect on fuel consumption. curb weights may be slighly different, but will not impact fuel economy or distance. accord sedan vs. coupe, dsm lancer sedan vs. coupe, pontiac grand am sedan vs. coupe etc.

    most 2 door coupe-only vehicles on the other hand, are built around bigger displacement engines. case-in-point: f-bodies (camaro, firebird), pony cars (mustang), corvette's and the like, are not exactly gas sippers.
  • :?
    :? Unregistered
    I said *MOST*. NOT ALL. But you're right that sedans are not necessarily gas guzzlers. It depends on the make/type.

    'maros, 'stangs, and 'vettes are the worstgas guzzlers. *Most* american cars are - compared to euros and jap imports.
    (Acuras, Honda, BMW, etc) stangs have a huge 5.0 and pulls about 350 [email protected] rpm so I don't think it's an economy car. ;) Vettes and z28's (maros) have a huge engines as well so they are, indeed, gas guzzlers, especially the heavily modded ones with s/c and NOS.
  • Originally posted by :?:
    ...stangs have a huge 5.0 and pulls about 350 [email protected] rpm so I don't think it's an economy car...

    the 5.0 mustang popular back in the late 80's-early 90's never had that much horsepower. the most that the old pushrod 5.0 ever produced was around 220hp. newer mustangs (cobra) with half a liter displacement less than the 5.0 (4.6 i think?) do get near your quoted figure (320hp), but still 30 horses short.

    with the advances in engine configuration and fuel management, it's hard to label a car (specifically import cars)as "economy". mid 90's accord has the same highway mileage as the same year v6 mustang. compare that with the dismal fuel performance you get with the nissan Q45 vs. v6 camaro (of course, that's a v8 vs. v6 comparison, but we're always comparing v6 mustangs to honda civics anyway) of this year.

    more and more do american cars break the sterotype of "gas guzzling". you'd be surprised with how far one can get in a battered old camaro.
  • patch
    patch zschowne = pogi
    4 door na!
  • 4-door. Otherwise, it would be inconvenient.
  • 2-door siyempre for a student like me....maporma eh
  • hmmm... 4 doors! :)
  • clawed_out
    clawed_out Banned by Admin
    sa ngayon, i find 2dr cars more attractive than 4drs...

    turbonium rocks!
  • Originally posted by clawed_out:
    sa ngayon, i find 2dr cars more attractive than 4drs...

    turbonium rocks!

    sounds like someone's got a veedub...

  • CIVIC Hatch! 2dr.. the best kotseng palaka look of em all.. crush ko talaga.. im willing to trade my AE92 for this thing.
  • GirlNextDoor
    GirlNextDoor wHo? mE? ...nAh!
    yung rav4 na 3dr...(3drs yun diba, kse meron pa sa back?) cute niya eh. :)
  • yung rav4 na 5 d.. hehehh pwedeng pang akyat nang bundok
  • cool and astig ang two-door car pero medyo impractical. if i had just about enough money to buy two cars, then i'd buy one of each kind. but i still go for the four-door car kasi kung dalawa lang kayo, puwede rin naman di ba? it serves basically the purpose of both kinds.
  • 4-door
  • f0r5aK3n
    f0r5aK3n Ascendant BridgeBurner
    4 door sedan! I think that 2 door coupe doors are too damn heavy!
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