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The P100 date

Here's the scenario: It's Valentines day and you're broke (well, almost). You only have P100 to spend on you AND your date. So, where would you go and what would you do?

I posed this question last Valentines day in another board and I got the most unusual and creative responses. Let's see what you guys come up with.


  • basho
    basho beta-plus baby!
    A movie, and dinner at home. I'll cook. It works, believe me, because I've done it before.
  • Take her to a mall nearest your place, mag- stroll lang kayo or window shop. Uwi kayo ng bahay tapos doon na lang kayo kumain. Magpaluto ka na lang sa nanay mo. Bigyan mo ng at least 1 rose kung gusto mong magpa-impress. (by the way, yung rose ay yung worth 10 pesos lang)
    Doon sa 100 pesos na yon, mga 30-40 lang ang magagastos mo. Yung sukli, ipambili mo na lang ulit ng pagkain mo dahil for sure gutom ka.
  • jack
    jack Cebu Blogger

    buy some chips, bring a blanket and spread in the grasses of Up lagoon and voila u have a picnic :)
  • seven
    seven nanay ni adam

    try the street date. and do some food trip. like eat fishball, squidball and kikiam and drink sago. pro make sure na dun naman kayo sa medyo sossy na fishball-an. baka magka-hepa kayo ng date mo kung dun kayo sa talagang street vendor. kulang P100 pampagamot.
  • This is assuming that you'll spend for the food you'll consume at home, of course.

    I once went on a date (although it wasn't on Valentine's) where we just went to Shell Select, picked up two cans of softdrinks, a pair of empanadas and a bick packet of Granny Goose tortillas. We went to my date's house and just spent the evening playing pusoy dos, tong-its, and watching WWF/WCW. To top it off, we had the most animated and interesting conversation all throughout the night!
  • Since it's Valentine's Day then it would be time for the UP Fair at the Sunken Garden. It should cost less than P100 to get both of you in. You could spend the whole night there, under the stars, listening to the live bands and trust me, it's magic.
  • 100 pesos? no problem. first, you have to buy her 3 lollipops bec u cant afford flowers. and u have to go to ust to eat at mang toot's canteen. it will cost you at around 20 pesos each for a full, hepa-free meal. and then, you go to elmer's shake shop @p.noval beside ust for an irish cappucino shake @ 18 each. u'll hav 10 pesos left for pamasahe para mangutang sa barkada!
  • Awww... ang dami namang romantics dito! :)
  • don
    don es muy guapo, ese!
    Valentine's day, what year?
  • e di don't go out! traffic's bad on valentine's day anyway. sa bahay na lang, and be extra sweet to him/her (at least most girls expect guys to be like that - consciously or unconsciously). bawi ka na lang if you have money na! :D
  • A P100 really is not much to spend on a special date like valentines. I will suggest that we go fishing na lang sa parks and wildlife or greenhills. Tapos I will try not to catch anything kasi may bayad din iyon pag may nahuli. A, basta! Ang hirap naman mag date ng walang pera. I will borrow money from my sisters, I know that they will lend me if I explain to them the situation. Plus I can always remind them of how it was like for them when they were still dating. I will ask them things about where to go or how would they spend a P100 budget on a date. In short magpapaawa ako para lang makapag-date.

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  • borrow a couple of video tapes, (preferably love stories, not tragic), which you weren't able to watch together with her, buy some munchies, go home and snuggle up together on the sofa while watching.

  • simple! bring romantic CDs para sa car mo, daan kayo ng 7-11 for super dry or "soda" kung burgis ang date mo, then go to Camp Emilio Aguinaldo sa helipad doon...what you do there is up to you!
  • mylene: AHA! huli ka! i didn't know you've been to that place. napaghahalata ka ha.
    saan naman kaya kung fifty pesos lang ang pera mo pag valentines? simple ha?!

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  • If talagang kapos, sa house na lang. Just spending time alone together would be great naman dba? Basta the two of you are together. Pero syempre maraming mga plus na kasama. Teka, ang corny naman nito. Hmmm..
  • AngryBird
    AngryBird Anger Is A Gift
    Sa bahay na lang kayo. Wag na wag kayong aalis dahil siguradong gastos yan.
    Bumili kayo ng tig-isang Yakisoba: about [email protected] yon. Kung bitin kayo sa isa lang, e di tig-dalawa kayo. Magkano na lang natitira sa iyo? E di P20. Sakto yan para sa isang litrong Coke. E di ayos na!

    Gutom pa kayo? Maghanap ka ng de-lata sa inyo pati na rin bahaw.

    Kung di niya matatanggap na ganun lang ang Valentine's Day niyo, alang kuwenta yan. Iwanan mo na iyan.
  • m! -->; agree ako sa iyo! i also would discourage going out on valentine's day. funnily, i've heard one-too plenty stories of their Valentine's Day being ruined cause of the traffic...

    hundred bucks...i'd say spread a blanket on your lawn and pray for a clear night sky...feb. pa naman medyo masarap pa yung weather kung gabi sa labas.

    harana...guitar, and all (kahit di ka marunong kumanta), and of that's the best part naman of Valentine's, diba?
  • RiDeR
    RiDeR RiDe On!!!
    P100? well, like what others have said, it's better to stay na lang sa bahay. you can eat there in your house and syempre, eat whatever's available in your house. mas maiimpress pa siguro if you can cook for her. tapos ibili nyo na lang ng meryenda yung P100 and magrent kayo ng vhs tape. ayos na yon! she would understand naman na you're a student (i assume you're one). just keep in mind that a great time doesn't require lots of money. it's how you enjoy each other's company.
  • hhmmm... let me see, pick her up after lunch time then uwi mo before dinner time... :) para tipid talaga! go to the mall, window shop, have a cheap merienda then rent some movies, watch it at home and cook dinner for her kung anong available sa bahay na ingredients para u don't need to buy anymore.
  • a MOTEL worth 95 bucks
    5 bucks for safety ;)

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