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How would you rate PAL's service (International or domestic)

I am flying back to Pinas kasi in a few weeks and this is my first time to travel internationally with PAL. I hear different stories from different people. I have no choice but to take PAL since it offers a direct flight from LAX to MNL. I took a domestic flight with PAL before but that was a long time back. All I can remember the experience was pleasant not unless, things have changed over the years.

Comments pleasee...


  • The sevice with PAL is good. Especially if long flight yung trip mo. I've taken PAL all my life so I know how their system works. Actually my mom is a crew pero it doesn't mean na kaya gusto ko ang PAL.

    I've also tried yung ibang airlines when i need a connecting flight pero talagang mas-friendly ang crew ng PAL. Nothing compares to going back to your homeland riding your flag carrier diba?!? :)

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    PAL's service is really okay, but the leg space is a little more cramped compared to the other airlines' planes if you're taking economy class. Price-wise though, they're one of the most inexpensive, and service is great.

    What I don't like with PAL, though, are the passengers' behavior while on board. They smoke in nonsmoking areas (and no one does anything!), once the seatbelt lights have been turned off, practically everyone stands and loiters (kahit ang sikip-sikip na ng place), they throw their tissues in the toilet until it gets clogged and flooded, they don't flush, and they're very noisy. Before I get bashed, this did not happen just once. Everytime I take PAL on long flights, these phenomena happen (baka jinxed lang ako?). I don't see as much of this in JAL, Cathay, EVA Air, or Northwest. If you have the choice, just opt for PAL business class. At least these things don't happen there.
  • so far, okay naman ang flights ko with pal.
  • PAL's inflight service is topnotch, attendants pamper you and smile a lot. What suck are the ground reservations system and the check-in/baggage handling (if economy). Even if ticketing tells you you are confirmed a week before your flight, you should keep badgering them daily until your departure date, or else you might show up at the airport in SFO or LAX na parang, "You are not booked, sir". It's happened to me twice in the past, when ticketing was done by outside agents (such as in HNL) and not by PAL itself. I don't know now kung ganoon pa rin (i.e., ticketing done by outside agents). As to check-in/baggage handling, the problem is kasabay mo lahat ang mga Pilipino sa check-in counter, and you know naman how that goes...all those balikbayan boxes stretching from the counter all the way to the airport entrance. Try business class to avoid this. But even in business class, baka kailangan mo pa ring kulitin ang ticket reservations mo until your departure date. Good luck.

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  • A lot of people say that PAL is good but I havent tried taking PAL since 1997, it was a not so nice expericnce so we dont use PAL anymore since then. I read in the Papers that PAL is 2nd in on time arrivals and 3rd in ontime departures. So I guess PAL is okay.
  • PAL is good especially when you only pay 25% of the fare (+ travel taxes). Kaibigan siya talaga.

    Ira, usually yan mga Pinoy yan. Kaya ako I usually prefer seats at the back.

  • I am glad to know that most of you had pleasant experiences with PAL. Eh papano kasi, I heard from some people na kung minsan raw medyo suplada or suplado ang mga FAs nila.

  • Thanks for your replies. I am glad to know that most of you had pleasant experiences with PAL. Eh papano kasi, I heard from some people na kung minsan raw medyo suplada or suplado ang mga FAs nila.

  • I think PAL's really improving their services esp. with the new terminal and all..

    I need help for this survey I'm doing for my thesis paper. I'm focusing on the domestic airline industry. So guys, what would make you choose PAL? And for those who often travel to provinces w/in Pinas, are you aware of the tours packages offered by PAL (e.g, Palakbayan etc.)? Help naman. Thanks :)
  • sa domestic pa lang ako nakaksakay sa pal, wala pa sa international ... so far, okay naman ang experience ko sa flight ... pero, minsan, my parents traveled international ... i tried to trace their flight, departure times, arrivals, etc ... thru the pal website ... WALANG KWENTA ang website nila ... for a company na world-class ang service ... dapat lang sana na mag-adapt ito sa current technology ... i posted a message to the webmaster ng pal ... wala namang sagot ... yun lang ...
  • For me, PAL is OK. I like their take-offs and landings. Another thing I like about PAL is their Mileage and frequent flyers stuff. I've been travelling by PAL eversince. But there were times that I had to take Cebu Pacific or Air Philippines to some destinations that PAL doesn't fly to.
  • Their service is okay, I guess. I still prefer to fly with other carriers like Northwest or Singapore Airlines whenever I fly out of the country :)
  • I heard their Mabuhay Lounge is nice raw. I am hoping and keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be able to upgrade my tix to Mabuhay for just 300PHP when I go home there in a few days.
  • for domestic flights...they are improving..dati sobra lousy flights nila pero now...ayos lang...but they still have to improve on their food :) hehe halata bang matakaw :) i usually go home twice or trice a year ayos din naman other airlines... mabuhay lounge is the best! ive tried it once pero not practical...luxury talaga.
  • I just came back from my trip in Pinas and I was pleasantly surprised with the service I received from PAL. The mabuhay lounge was a better place to spend hours waiting for your flight esp. for a layover. Not to mention, the terminals are newer and cleaner. I just hope they keep it that way. Most likely, I'll fly PAL again the next time I go home.
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