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Best Slimming Pill!!!

guys wat do u think is d best slimming pill?
how much at wer can we buy dis?
available p b ang bankok pills ngaun? how much kya un?


  • sis was on some, and they made her perpetually nervous. she had to stop.
  • Some slimming pills could really be dangerous, y don't u try dieting na lng? My new ngaun ung ginagawa ng mga actors and actresses. They eat in small partition ng food n gusto nila for their cravings. I've read some tips pa in a mag, if u want to diet instead i'll post here some of the tips :)
  • ajoyrideajoyride PEx Rookie ⭐
    xenical is the best,pwede na rin fitrum..but yung xenical really worked for me...
  • xenical is good according to a friend but it is better to go to the gym and proper diet... change your lifestyle!
  • clawed_outclawed_out PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    There has been so many threads about slimming pills.

    None of them has been proven safe.

    Fingers up in your throats!

    You don't need to spend money to look like normal.
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