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A thread for SALES AGENTS...dito tayo

mark_markmark_mark MAXICARE APPLYT 09178046275 ✭✭✭
hello fellow agents, kamusta? ala pa kasi thread for us dito. let's talk about our life, product natin etc. =) :p


  • cinnettcinnett Member PExer
    new hot items to be posted soon! watch out for it!
    reserve asap, we run out of stocks real fast! especially the gauchos, tank tops and the spag strap ( no
    kidding! ) :p we have lower prices and better fabrics :) email me if interested, i'll give you my website to see the items! ([email protected])
  • BaryaLangBaryaLang Retired PExer

    This thread concept sounds good. Sales people, no matter what they sell, have some very common events, thoughts, and problems in their careers. This could be a great place for them to exchange ideas and support each other.

    I've been searching for sales agents (Internet Sales Assocites - ISA) for the last few weeks and posting my need on PEX a lot. I've worked a great deal in sales during my younger years in college (I'm 58 now) and appreciate the things people are exposed to in sales (at least in the USA during the late 60's and 70's).

    So as not to bore everyone on this list I'll post the link to my hiring web site and not go any further promoting it here. Anyone can email me and I'll give more details. No secrets involved, what we have, and do, are public information. I just do not want to bother everyone here unless there is a huge outcry for me to do so.

    Here is the link:


    Barry Doolittle, Instructor
    The Official Web Site for the Happy Pinoy
    Barya Lang Internet Family

    [email protected]
    [email protected]
  • mark_markmark_mark MAXICARE APPLYT 09178046275 ✭✭✭
    thanks. sounds interesting.
  • mark_markmark_mark MAXICARE APPLYT 09178046275 ✭✭✭
    thanks. sounds interesting.
  • live_stronglive_strong Member PExer
    sales agent, sales consultant, account executive, account specialist, etc...just some of the titles when you are in the field of sales. Madami may ayaw sa work na ito. I can't blame them for this might be one of the most challenging job of all-hitting your quotas, handling customer complaints, doing fieldwork, etc. That's why I can say it's not for everyone. Pero if you have the passion for sales, I can say that it is also very rewarding not only because it can be really lucrative but also a good training ground for anyone. Ako I'm just starting a career in this field. But I'm looking forward to all the growth it has to offer me. Kayo share naman kayo dyan...experiences with this kind of work, point of views...Buhayin ang thread na 'to!
  • ate germsate germs master showgirl PExer
    hey mga sales peeps, help me naman! maguumpisa kasi ako ng small biz ko. gumagawa kasi ako ng dishwashing liquid. problem lang, wala akong experience sa sales! di ko alam how to start! arrrrrrrrrgggh!
  • mark_markmark_mark MAXICARE APPLYT 09178046275 ✭✭✭
    hi ate germs, u need to do a marketing study muna before consulting to the sales agents.
  • black pepperblack pepper Member PExer
    hi, im a sales manager. work here is toxic, but very rewarding. i love the training and the perks in sales.

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