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quality baby products/clothes

hi mommies (and daddies)

i'm starting up an online shop here in europe and i would like to sell baby clothes/gear/products which are trendy, and as much as possible, with gender neutral designs. i've tried searching the net for possible sources but i didnt have any luck.

can you please give me some info kung ano ang latest trend for babies jan sa philippines, kasi i'd really like to source my products from home, para in some way naman, im promoting the country diba...

anyways, i'd appreciate it if you can give me some tips, company and contact details (if possible) so that i can get in touch with the manufacturers or retailers.

hmmm, in case anyone is interested to know, im looking for cute onesies (dunno how this is called there, but these are t-shirts with snaps at the bottom for nappies), onesies in camouflage design, or any childrens clothing in camouflage....(hot hot hot here in europe at the moment), oh, and that thing we use to put the milk in when we go out (the stackable plastic thingies where you can put milk for like three/four bottles...i hope im making sense)

any help is appreciated!



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