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Digiadventures: Digimon Anime

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A long time ago Apocalymon attacked. The digidestined were able to stop him. Then his power broke free and he created the four Dark Masters. The Dark Master imprisioned the four guardians of the Digiworld.
Meanwhile, a Digiegg came out of the computer one night, it became Botamon, Koromon, Agumon, and then Greymon. Parrotmon attacked but Greymon destroyed him and returned to the digiworld. The eight digidestined kids had witnessed this as their data was scanned. Some mysterious beings created digivices, tags, crests, and digieggs. Piedmon found out and attacked wanting to steal them. Gennai saved them, but dropped one digiegg while being attacked. All the digimon hatched and digivolved into their in-traing forms. Nyaramon was lonely being abandoned. Myotismon found her as Salamon and raised her cruely. He made her and evil Gatomon.

Meanwhile eight digivices made their way to the real world. Seven digidestined were transported to the digiworld. Here their digimon became rookies and then Champions except for T.K. Devimon scattered black gears across File Island controlling several Digimon. He then tok control of Leomon and had Ogremon join him. He showed his face finally and shattered File Island. The kids found their way back to Infinity mountain where Patamon digivolved itno Angemon, used all his energy to destroy Devimon, and became an egg again. With Devimon destroyed Gennai told the kids to come to the continent of Server to get their Crests and Tags. With some help the kids set sail and found their tags. Arriving at Server Etemon attacked. They found all their Crests but not before Tai corrupted his causing Greymon to digivolve itno SkullGreymon. Tai finally realized his courage and got Greymon to become MetalGreymon. MetalGreymon destroyed Etemon as Tai and Koromon were sucked back into the real world. Tai and Agumon returned to find everyone had seperated. Demidevimon, a henchmon of Myotismon was trying to make the crests lose their power. He was unsuccessful and more Ulitmates were born. They then chased Myotismon to the real world to find the eight digidestined. Recovering old memmories they were able to find her, Kari, and destroy Myotismon? Myotismon became a Mega digimon, VenomMyotismon. Agumon and Gabumon warp digivivolved after discovering a prophecy and destroyed VenomMyotismon's body. They returned to digiworld to find it in ruins. Meanwhile, the spirit of Myotismon hung around and then took over Odaiva's body. He became evil. Davis was freed after being help captive at the convention center and Cody was saved by Garudamon and MegaKabuterimon. The digidestined met the Dark Masters who had destroyed many digimon. They destroyed more as they began taking them on. Metal Seadramon was the first to go. Puppetmon caused trouble and confused Matt so he left. Joe and Mimi also split. MetalGarurumon destroyed Puppetmon. Machinedramon was destroyed by WarGreymon and they went to go challenge Piedmon. Everyone reunited and then Piedmon turned almost everyone itno Key Chains. T.K was trhe last hope, he got Angemon to digivolve and with everyone healed Piedmon was destroyed. Ther Apocalymon showed up and destroyed the crests and turned everyone to Data. The kids rebuilt themselves and destroyed him. They qwere very upset when they had to return to the real world without their digimon.

The kids later came back and sacraficed their crests to put a seal over the digital world. While all this was happening a young boy named Willis was carring for twin digimon. As he grew older he became lonely and tried to create a digimon on the computer. It was infected by a virus and attacked the internet. Izzy discovered the digiegg which quickly digivolved. Izzy, Tai, Matt, and T.K. dirrected their digimon trying to stop the digivolving virus. They had no luck and WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon were heavily injured. Tai and Matt somehow entered the computer, and because of the care for their digimon they were able to destroy Diaboramon before he destroyed them and Tokyo by D.N.A. digivolving into Omnimon with the help of some e-mails from children around the world (including Yolei) who would become digidestined.

At this same time a young boy named Ken saw a digivice come out of the computer. His older brother took it a wa, but after an e-mail from Odaiva, he took it back and went to the digital world by accident. There he met Wormmon. After being attacked, Odaiva infected Ken with a Dark spore. The spore made him hate his brother (who died) and made him hateful, athletic, and smart. He went back to the digiworld and dipped his digivice in the Dark Ocean. Their it became a D-3 digivice. With this he would become the digimon emporer.

Tai somehow returned to the Digital World again after Agumon sent him a distress call. They found a digiegg of courage. Unable to lift it, three D-3 digivices shot out. Cody, Yolei, and Davis all recieved one. Ken was capturing Digimon with the control spires and dark rings and everyone was affraid. Davis came to the Digiworld with Kari and TK. Their he got the Digiegg of courage and Veemon and destroyed some Dark Rings. Yolei and Cody then came to the digiworld and recieved Hawkmon and Armadillomon. Kari and T.K. got D-3 digivices as they all were fighting the Digimon emporer. They discovered he was Ken. Ken ran away to the digiworld and created dark spirals to control more digimon. The kids recieved more digieggs as Ken started not to care about the destruction of control spires. He creted Kimeramon from differnt digimon parts. Kimeramon caused a lot of damage. Devimon scared Ken. Wormmon lead Davis to the Digiegg of Miracles. Wormmon sacrificed himself to stop Kimeramon. Ken realized his mistakes and that the digiworld was not a game. He returned home and had amnesia.The kids went to America to help Willis and his virus infected digimon. After doing so they returned to Japan.

Meanwhile Odaiva had created Arukenimon and Mummymon. Veemon, Hawkmon, and Armadillomon became Champion digimon and discovered Arukenimon's plan. Ken started to help out with his re-born Wormmon. Davis trusted Ken first and with his help Exveemon and Stingmon D/N.A. digivolved and took on other ultimates including Arukenimon and Mummymon. Arukenimon created BlackWarGreymon who she couldn't control. He started destroying destiny stones and two more D.N.A. ultimates were formed. ALl the control spires were destroyed adn most of the destiny stones. BlackWarGreymon became to confused by Azulongmon and left. The kids returned to the real world.

Digimon attacked all over the world on Christmas Eve. Gennai gave the old and new digimon some more power so all the old Ultimates returned and Paildramon became a Mega Digimon. They returned the digimon to the digiworld. Daemon sent his forces to attack. ImperialDramon switched to fighter mode and stpped his forces and with Ken's help trapped Daemon in the Dark Ocean. Odaiva kidnapped Ken and a bunch of kids, implanting them with Dark spore copies. The kids became evil. BlackWarGreymon returned to fight Odaiva but had interference from WarGreymon. He eventually decided to help after the dark powers in Odaiva destroyed BlackWarGreymon he sealed the gate between the two worlds. Odaiva was very upset when he couldn't go to the Digiworld. Myotismon showed up and copied Odavia. The real one fainted as all the dark spores were harvested. He became MaloMyotismon and desttroyed Arukenimon and Mummymon. The kids thought him and eventaully using all the digidestined around the world brough peace to both worlds. They also had another round with Infermon and some digimon he created but destroyed them too.

The kids all grew up and had kids, their digimon also had kids. They all lived hapilly there after.

Crest: Courage
Rookie Digimon: Agumon
Tai is the leader of the digidestined and is very courageous. He's protective of his sister Kari and is true to heart. His only problem is that he doesn't always use his head.

Crest: Friendship
Rookie Digimon: Gabumon
Matt can be a little hot headed at times, but he only wants what's best for the group. He's very protective of his little brother T.K. Overall he's a true friend.

Crest: Love
Rookie Digimon: Biyomon
Sora is very caring and loving. She always tries to protect the group and always puts others over herself.

Crest: Sincerity
Rookie Digimon: Palmon
Mimi was once ver selfish, but she has now become a very sincere girl. Like Sora, she cares a lot about others, especially Palmon.

Crest: Knowledge
Rookie Digimon: Tentomon
Izzy always craves knowledge and wants to figure out everything. He always has his computer with him and tries to calcuate every bit of data.

Crest: Reliability
Rookie Digimon: Gomamon
Joe is pretty cowardly, but very responsible. He is somewhat a perfectionist. He watches out for everyone and when someone is is need he's there to help.

Crest: Hope
Rookie Digimon: Patamon
T.K. is shy and cries a lot. His strongest trait is hope. He cares about everyone and hates evil. He is very close to his brother Matt.

Crest: Light
Champion Digimon: Gatomon
Kari is a nice little girl. ALways putting others ahead of herself. She does anything to help, and yet she can be strong and tough at times.

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