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how to protect freelancers

pigarottipigarotti stay away i bite PExer
i've had the mistake of not making a contract before starting the project. to make the long story short, my "partner" got away with the loot tapos sinabihan pa niya ako ng, "free na lang, at least meron ka na magandang ilalagay sa portfolio mo."

i couldn't run after the "partner" because i wasn't included in the original contract signed by him and the client. and the contract was under the name of a defunct company. so chasing after the jerk would be like chasing the wind.

so.. i was wondering, if i were still in the middle of an unfinished project, pwede pa ba ako humabol sa paggawa ng sarili kong contract? like, they can't get the work that i've done unless they sign the contract i provided and give me the money they owe me? hm..


  • Blue ZooBlue Zoo Member PExer
    You should always get a contract, especially with a set-up like that.

    Anyway, I'm pretty sure you can sue the other guy. Even though you weren't included in the written contract, there was an oral contract between you and the partner.

    Problem is, I doubt you'll be able to get as much as you deserve. While it won't be hard to convince a judge that you never intended to work for free, convincing him that you were a 50/50 partner would be another story.
  • wooferswoofers I love Aina PExer
    You could withold the material deliverables until you get some sort of contract.

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