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Best places to date!

nixnix Administrator PEx Moderator

Given a 500 peso budget, where would be the best place in the Metro Manila area to bring a date? 1000 Peso budget? Money is no object budget?


  • MaviMavi PExer
    Come on, guys, any suggestions for nix? I'm itching to find out where he's taking his date to next... =)
  • Nix! P500 for the both of you or per person? If money is not an issue, guys, take your girlfriends to The Garden Room. Doreen Fernandez wrote an article on it for the Inquirer about a year ago. It's a beautiful, private, greenhouse-type room that can be reserved for two or for a small party. A waiter will serve you and your date dinner to the tune of soft music, with dim lighting, and a great view of the garden. Inside the Garden Room, you won't believe that you're actually in the middle of the city. It is so quiet and perfect. You'll fall in love with the place, and probably with your date too, if only for one night.

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  • nixnix Administrator PEx Moderator
    It's a total budget, not a per person one. That Garden Room sounds like an interesting place ...
  • babyfat,

    where is that garden room?
  • Ginny: I'm bad with places and giving directions, so I'll have to check. I think it's somewhere in Roxas, or near there.
  • babyfat,

    is that roxas boulevard, or roxas district in quezon city?
  • I think the Garden Room is somewhere in Roxas Boulevard. Getting there is a little tricky -- you have to pass by a lot of eskinitas.

    I have other favorite "date" restaurants to share -- Blue Bacon & Green Eggs (try the different soups, the lamb chops, and the scallop pasta); Paparazzi (in Edsa Shangrila); Carpaccio (in Yakal, Makati); Il Ponticello (again, somewhere in Makati); and of course the classic Via Mare in Tektite. If you have a lot of extra cash on hand, you should try Stars of Giorgio and order all the different lamb dishes you can eat.

    If you're on a tight budget, and you don't need to impress your date with anything fancy, but you want to bring her to a cozy restaurant with good food, try the Woodpecker Pizza House at the Shangrila Mall. If ambience is not that important, try the Dreyer's cafe in either Robinson's Galleria or the Shangrila Mall. Great minestrone, appetizers, delicious pasta, and refillable drinks that won't cost you a fortune. I went there with my boyfriend and my sister, and we had minestrone, chicken fingers, four pasta dishes, and bottomless drinks -- all to the tune of only P750.

    If you're on a really tight budget, you can always go to Kenny Rogers or to Rack's. It's the company that's important naman, diba? Besides, Rack's has a lot of budget meals lately. You can have ribs or chicken with buttered veggies, rice, and a drink for less than P50 per person.
  • If you guys like good Italian food at an affordable price, there's a small restaurant along Adriatico Street in Malate. It's called Cosa Nostra. To me it's a perfect date venue because the ambiance is authentically Italian.(even the waiter and the cashier looks more like 1920-ish. With the good food and the atmosphere, it can satisfy anyone of you or any of the Corleones.

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  • batang uliranbatang uliran PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Looks like babyfat has gone on dates to some of the best places around :)
  • I have to agree with you, Angelo, Cosa Nostra gives a very "real" Italian feel in a dark way. Rumor even has it that the cashier is actually a witch and that one of the old waiters is actually Igor. Whatever-- all these things only make it more fun to eat there. Yun lang nga, it's a little small. I think there are only about six small tables in the restaurant.

    Batang Uliran -- It's not that I've gone on a lotta dates, but I just love eating out!!! =)
  • I've got a great suggestion for the 1,000 peso budget...the rooftop French restaurant of the Manila Diamond Hotel. I believe it is called Le Bellevue. It is so beautiful. I went there with my significant other for lunch and it was beautiful enough...I'm sure it is 100 times more beautiful in the evening. Love will surely be all around :)

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  • Bravo's in Filinvest Mall Alabang (near Starbucks) is okay, if you're not looking for anything too romantic. Equipped with a medium-range budget of about P300 a person, you can choose from a number of excellent pasta dishes. My favorite is their fettucini alfredo. Add about P200 more, and you can get a pretty good, thin-crusted pizza---all of the pizzas are good! I recommend a fresh fruit shake to go with your meal!
    You can also try New Orleans on a Friday or Saturday night...great cajun cooking (their jambalaya's pretty good), with great live music (blues or jazz, usually). Not loud enough to drown out conversation...cozy atmosphere.
    How about this place, for you people from the south: Julio's Italian restaurant, along Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, Paranaque. It's got excellent Italian dishes, with portions just big enough to fill you. The ambience is wonderful. You can make reservations. I recommend their pastas, and their smoked salmon. A bit tough on the budget, but it's worth every centavo.
  • For the people in the southside, a good place to try is Cusina Victoria at Filinvest Mall. I think Aragorn can back me up there, if he has eaten there. But if not, well all i can say is that there food is cheap and stomach-filling. I suggest try there clam chowder, then order a good main course. But never ever skip the dessert. Their one dessert is actually good for three. I'm in a family of six. After our main course, we only ordered two kinds of dessert. It was better than any bakeshop I know. All these cost from a range of 1,500 to 2,000 (and that's for a family of six). Actually I'm already planning to take my date there soon. Oh! The place nga pala is quite small but its a really good place for a simple nice date. Last suggestion, if money is no object of concern, why not try out MELO. Good steaks and other kinds of meals. Its also a good place to have intimate conversations with your date. Good Luck sa date mo!
  • if i'm not mistaken, the garden room is owned by the brother of vicki and letlet veloso, u could contact vicki and letlet veloso's shop in san antonio arcade in forbes for reservations (dunno the no. tho), my friend brought her boyfriend there last may, and they had a really great time :)
  • The garden room, eh? Sounds cozy!

    Here are two other places for the more adventurous: Josephine's Restaurant and Gourmet Cafe, both in Tagaytay City.
    Josephine's boasts an excellent and breathtaking view of the volcano...I recommend an early dinner (say, around 4:30pm). Then you can just sit out back and enjoy the view! Gourmet Cafe is more cozy, but it's romantic as anything.

    For the gimmick-oriented couples: try out KSP bar and grill, at the corner of J. Vargas Avenue (near Meralco Theater in Pasig)...and some other road (i forgot!). I hear their burgers are humongous!
  • nixnix Administrator PEx Moderator
    Hay aragorn, it looks like your appetite is as important as your date! :)
  • Well, if mony is no issue here, i guess you can take ur date to the Glass House in Malate. It's very romantic and it's not really that expensive actually...because the food is really good.
    There's not much to choose from though during lunch time. Siguro naman you won't go on a date in the afternoon, di ba?
    Their menu is great during dinnner. I love their sisig and herbed buttered potato chips.
    For a thousand bucks, you'll have a full stomach afterwards...oops plus tax pa pala.
    Have fun!
  • For about 500 - 1000 bucks, you can have a really good meal at this new reato along Katipunan called The Barn. Their servings are good and the ambience puts you in a really light and playful mood. They even provide crayons so that you can write and/or draw on their table"cloth".

    For a higher budget, you should try the steaks in Blue Bacon and Green Eggs in New Manila. It simply melts in your mouth! And I think they do provide entertainment during the weekends but I still have to check it out though.

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