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Girls: Hair remover cream or wax?

Which is more effective, those depilatory creams or wax? I'm tired of shaving na kasi. I always get those cuts! Time consuming pa. I've tried electric shavers, but they leave the legs rough. So what do you think?


  • My friend said that wax works wonders daw. I still have to try it though...
  • if you get a wax treatment from a salon, it lasts around 2 weeks. you can do it at home but it's kinda messy. better to have it done at a salon. costs 300-500 for both half-legs (i know that's a weird way to put it... but i couldn't figure out any other way of wording it. it's knee down, which is usually the part that you need it on.) i like getting it done in a salon coz you kinda feel pampered! =)

    depilatory creams are good but they last only for about 3 days. they're good for quick fixes since a wax treatment can only be done on hair that's at least half a centimeter long. and they are really expensive if you're gonna use them every couple of days. a tube costs around 300 pesos and that's good only for about 2 applications!

    so hard to be a girl right?! but it's a lot of fun, too!
  • don
    don es muy guapo, ese!
    Why remove hair at all? Let them grow like the green, green grass. Isn't this hair-removal ordeal merely a tool of male sexist chauvinist pigs to subjugate wommonhood? I am so outraged!

    But to answer your question, hair removal cream works best. Kinda hard to fit Sensor Excel in my nostril.
  • Don....

    Hahahahahaha... you do try some werid things! :)
  • jack
    jack Cebu Blogger
    don: try scissors :)

    oo nga naman: why do u wanna remove ur hairs? :)
  • C'mon. Smoother legs are better. Don't you think so?
  • don
    don es muy guapo, ese!
    In my humble opinion, hair on women's legs is okay, as long as it's the soft, fine, down type. Not as coarse or thick as the ones on your head. And if you shave it, there's the problem of stubbles, which don't look neat.

    So leg hair is not as big a problem to women as mustaches, beards, armpit and chest hair, you get the idea.

    And remember that if I'm in love with you, it doesn't matter if you have hair on your legs. As long as it's not the thick coarse type.
  • don...
    Well, its nice to hear that. But I guess it matters to me. It actually makes me feel more comfortable.
  • hair remover cream has this smell...
    my tita tells me that waxing is better daw kasi it lasts longer. it's more expensive nga but it lasts longer than hair remover cream. so in the long run you would be just spending more using cream than wax.
  • waxing (or body sugaring--same method, easier to wash off!)

    and i think i have an S&M streak coz i actually enjoy pulling off the strip! lol.gif

  • I've tried them all...waxing, bleaching....Most of them just irritated my skin until I found this little machine called the Finally Free hair-removal system...It's kinda like electrolysis but it uses an electric current to kill the hair root permanently for painless removal (well actually, you gotta learn how to use it properly so it doesn't hurt)....Anyhow, it costs about $100 and it's worth it! It really works!!! My mom loves it too.. :)(but I recommend using it only for facial hair cuz if you use it elsewhere, it would take forever plucking each hair.)
    WICKEDQUEEN Sooooobrang Tagal ng Member
    i'd go for hair remover cream. mejo masakit kase wax e.
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